dream , zipline , cliff , butterfly , sunglasses , costume , circle , body , rabbit , fell , phases , friend , magic, , smoke , space , alive , feelings , scary


While growing up, I didn’t like superheoes. In this image, I see this man in two phases taking different roles in life. It is also very funny because to change his role, he just changed his costume. To me it seems really funny that the clothes say so much about him. And this blue costume is very impressive.

Alice is a blurry story. But yes, I remember that she fell through the hole and she became small in the process. And things were floating in the air. She was chasing a rabbit. I forget how she came out to the real world. By falling again or what?  That‘s something I cannot recall.

This one, I've no idea. It seems like they standing in a circle and then the circle can transport them to another place.

I think what comes to my mind first when I look at the cards, is like when we dream, but I don't know if you can call a dream a magical moment. It’s like in the classical traditional literature by Zhuangzi, who said he dreamt that he became a butterfly. But then he woke up, he realized that he was in the dream of the butterfly so he actually transformed his existence into a butterfly ’s dream. 

I have a friend who is superstitious and we talk often about our dreams. And some dreams are so real. They say that you dream your previous life or that through your dream you can enter your previous life. So, your memories are real, that’s how I explain vivid dreams, feelings, the sound or some happenings that can be so real, like you are living in another life. When you dream you open a portal or something.

Some of my dreams are very scary but I think it also related to my current  state, I dream very vividly. Once I was entering a space where were a lot of stairs and a cliff, a very deep cliff and I walked to the edge of the cliff. And there I saw a super huge moon in the cliff. Another time I dreamed I was dead. But then there was a process I had to go through in order to become alive. And at the end of the process, I started to feel my hands, my legs and I started to move. I began to feel my body and at that point I slowly woke up. I woke up by the time I realized I am feeling my body, and in the dream, I was so scared because I thought I'm really dead.

Some of the dreams are quite negative, I also dream I died in so many different ways. My friend says that maybe now I know how I died in so many previous lives. The dream is one way. But it’s a scary way for me. 

To sense the magic, I will burn incense- which is very practical. You see the smoke, it creates an atmosphere, the smoke in the room and the smell. It can calm me down, it creates a space around me which feels nice. Sunglasses are a similar thing. They suddenly change the colour of everything and you can hide your eyes. You don't have to be very cautious. You can look as tired as you are behind your sunglasses.

This is the illustration of my dream, when I was escaping Death using a zipline, at the end of the zipline, I felt my body and the pull of gravity and then I landed on the ground and became alive.

Let’s say that the zipline was my device in this case.


Device: dream, zipper

Transition: body scan, gradual

Interface: smoke, glasses