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That is Superman, he is also called Clark, he's a is an employee or I think a journalist or a photographer who turns into Superman. He becomes a hero to help other people.

This is Alice in Wonderland who goes through the rabbit hole and enters a dream world.

And this is the Enterprise, I used to watch this in the 80s. They are teleporting to different worlds and planets. 

I wouldn’t mind traveling in time to see for myself History unfolding  100 years ago or 200 years ago or how it might unfold in 200 years’ time. But this is just me being curious, it would be something through which I can take comfort in getting more knowledge and understanding better historical points in time, and that would explain where we are right now and why we behaved in such ways as humans. I think this would be for me interesting and comforting in a way. But I guess other people would go for the superhero, who is saving the world, helping people in need and they might find some kind of comfort in there.  For me it’s about being teleported in different times to see historical events, how they develop, how they impact, how geopolitical events occur and how everything comes together and therefore understand how we could be better people today and react better when things like the war in Ukraine and Russia happen. I think this would be something that I could relate to. It is more a macro-view than being Superman.

I could also imagine traveling through something like the Metaverse somehow, like the idea of creating a certain atmosphere you can emerge into with your oculus and you can click on which period of time you would like to start off. With this device we are kind of transmitted or teleported into that world. The question is, if this is created by someone for me to take that trip, will the trip be my own experience? This will be again debatable.

As a child I had my impossible dreams -like every child, of course. For example, to be able to know everything. To remember everything. To speak every language in the world. These are very vivid dreams still. And what I think is that dreams and positive thinking are very important for the development of a child obviously, but also for the well-being of a human in general. You need to have your dreams. My mom used to tell me “you 're a dreamer, stop doing this, you're a dreamer” but I never let go of that. I had my own idea in my head and not only was I thinking about it constantly, but I was feeling it as well. I was feeling that I will travel the world. I was feeling that I will be successful in my career and I will have an interesting job. I was feeling it.

So, my dreams came true. You know, it works. You have to have a more or less clear picture of what you want, even if it's realistically out of scope. You still can dream of it and you can feel it. You write it down. This is where you are, this is how you feel, this is what you have and it'll come true. That's part of what brings me a lot of happiness. Can be any kind of dream, whether it's being a princess and marrying a prince or traveling the world or wanting to become a veterinarian doctor, having lots of animals in your farm, becoming a superhero and wanting to help people. These are legitimate dreams that eventually are very, very healthy for a human being.

Children sometimes tend to becoming more realistic but we can encourage them to keep on dreaming -it’s part of our job as parents and as adults. Maybe not every adult can do this, but we have to try to encourage them, encourage them to keep on dreaming, wanting to reach goals that might not be reachable in our physical world. Otherwise, we're not developing, humanity is not developing. That manifests itself afterwards in innovation and economic development and also yes, in a better social environment, that’s why this is very, very important from that point of view as well. 

I can now be grateful for what I have, but this is not something for children. Children cannot be grateful for what they have. They're playing. And we, adults, should be. Also play and have our own dreams, but especially gratitude for what we already have. I do not meditate, but I'm consciously being grateful for what is here. Consciously, I say “thank you” every morning when I wake up, that I'm healthy and my children are healthy. That I'm in love and I have a nice partner. I have a good job and I ‘m successful, a great family and everybody's healthy. I do it honestly every day. So, I can deal much better with setbacks. Because when you have a setback, it’s a situation that maybe you cannot change. So, you have to accept it. Maybe analyse it, think or what you could have done better but you have to move on from that point. You have to accept it and move on. And that is an ability that we adults have, and children don't have. That's why they need their dreams. But as an adult, if you're conscious about that, you will be much happier, a much happier person. 


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