weird, rabbit, time-machine, parents, owls, door, sorcery, lord of the rings, harry potter, elevator


I don’t know much about Superman, I only know Alice. She is weird. She is chasing a rabbit and falls into a very deep well. In the well there are many doors and she is looking for the right door that she would fit to go through. For myself I would like to have a device that allows me to travel back in time. Or forward. A time-machine. There is a button, I press it and the entrance door opens. Like an elevator. It can read my thoughts so it can take me anywhere I want to go. It is not a portable device, it is located somewhere and I go to find it whenever I want to use it. I can draw it

You know, I have also read Harry Potter, who lost his parents, then some owls visited him, he then went to the sorcery school. This information matters because his parents were also sorcerers. Superman has lost his parents as well. I have also watched Lord of the Rings. Not everything in these stories is untrue. 


Device: elevator

Transition: smooth

Interface: telepathy