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I think this topic should be taught to children in schools, there are so many levels in it. This is the only way to change the world. Superman’s superpowers were related to the loss of his parents. After having my kids and a bit before that I used to read a lot about psychology and the subconscious, because I know that I carry heavy baggage from my own parents  It’s been days I’m thinking about death, these thoughts came up for a reason.

You hear about successful people who came either from adoption or didn't have parents or had divorced parents - I'm going through a divorce as well. It's always in the back of my head if I am hurting my kids in any way and I did some research to try and give them what is closer to “normal”. And then I realized that It's sometimes better not to have parents. I know it's very harsh what I'm saying. They paint you from a certain colour palette, they teach you what they know. Or they raise you the way they are raised with their baggage of subconscious and complexes. Yes, you need the love and attention and not having parents, makes you the person you are today. Or because you want to substitute this love you go look somewhere else and this is your path. Not all people are supposed to be the same. And the most caring parent, wants to protect children from everything. I want to protect my children from me. I have water phobia I have phobia of heights. I have so many fears and I just didn't want to be my mother. Because she protected me so much that I cannot do anything anymore. I don't ski, I don’t swim. Don’t do this or that, she was over-protective. It's also a Mediterranean thing (I come from Lebanon) but she has it too much. I tried to work on myself not to pass it to my kids. So not having parents can also be a good thing. And a lot of people become successful because of the pain. Pain makes you stronger. Pain makes you go through shit. It's hard. It's difficult. It either breaks you or makes you but if it makes you, you are shaped, you are stronger, you are better.


I'm grateful that I come from a loving family who taught me ethics and morality and all that. At the same time, some of the things that don't leave me now and lie in my subconscious, came also from the same people who were thinking they were protecting me. And it could it could work both ways, but I don't think there should be anyway. 

And fine, there are many constellations, having one parent, having two, having none, having four, being raised by strangers. If you read a bit about Buddhism or Hinduism and reincarnation in general, they say that you choose your path before coming to this earth. So really what you go through now is something that you wanted to learn. So, I'm guessing you are somehow asked and you be like yeah, I want to come to earth as a human and learn about x, y, z and then you are put in a situation that -if you're lucky enough in one lifetime- you get to the lesson that you initially wanted to learn.


But there is trauma you inherit no matter if you have parents or you don't. I had a neighbour. Let me tell you the story. Her father died very young in his 30s from a stroke when she was eight. She has a brother Her mother who had a depression never worked a day in her life. She was surrounded by family and all that. The trauma never left her. I spent all day every day with her for 20 years- it's been years that we don’t talk but I feel  very close to her. Her mother was like my second mother. I spent more time with her mother than my own mother. I remember that they didn't tell her that her dad died. They didn't take her to the hospital to say goodbye to him and stuff and maybe that never left her. She has some issues with men and drugs and stuff. I think it’s because of that and emotional instability in general. And one day her mom looked at her and told her something that stayed with me since then “You should be thankful your dad is not here. Because if your dad was in your life, you wouldn't have any of this freedom”. He was very conservative, and wouldn't have let her go out or wear whatever she wants. The sentence stayed with me because I thought it was harsh. But when I thought about it throughout the years, I think she's right. My dad is super conservative as well. And if he wasn't in my life, maybe I wouldn't have been a that much of a rebel, fighting for going to a party and dance and dress.

I think about this subject a lot because I also want to be accepting of my kids not like my parents are with me. The other day I was out with some queer people and we were having dinner, One of them was married to a girl, she was open about it and her family too so she had a big wedding and everything. The other one was struggling. Her parents found her with a girl in her room and freaked out- they come from Egypt and there things are difficult. They disowned her. I guess you're either lucky with your parents or you're not.

We do a lot in the name of love and we don't understand what love is. We need to unlearn a lot of things.

I know when my daughter thinks about me, telepathically when she is in school. The connection through the umbilical cord and the nine months make a big difference. I mean genetically she is connected with the father too, but mother is different.

I love this movie, Alice in Wonderland. My kids didn’t like it at first. Like when the film came out and was a disappointment, because Disney invested so much expecting a blockbuster, but later on with LSD becoming popular, adults got it. They appreciated it and loved it. Something was not synchronising and then exploded. I worked in advertising, so Alice jokes were always popular, we still use it in parties, like “follow the white rabbit”

this move.

In general, since if we talk about drugs and the different states of mind, that's what drugs do to you. It lets you bring down your defenses and insecurities and that's why people love it. Different drugs give you different feelings. 

This is my humble experience. It brings you closer to the Real You. I don't think drugs can add something to you. It brings out what's inside of you. That's what you have, it's not getting something from an outer planet within you. People for example on cocaine, usually become super self-confident. “I'm the king of the word” and blah blah. If you are an obnoxious person who likes to hurt others or whatever, it will come out in a very, very nasty way. You start saying bad jokes or whatever. I've seen it with people. Obviously, some drugs you should not do if you're not in a certain emotional state.  know somebody who thought he could fly. He was a ski champion. He was 18, he was on LSD and he jumped off the roof because he thought he was skiing. So, it could be lethal. I have respect for drugs. I know a lot of addicts who are still in my life. Some are super successful with the addiction and some completely devastated. It breaks you or not, but the respect is the power. I respect what drugs can do in a short time. Yeah, but it can also control you so if you're not strong enough or spiritual enough to overcome, to know how to use it instead of it using you -which is kind of same as your own mind, so you can put the word “mind “or “drug” – it is for me the same . 

I believe that the mind is something else than the self. I think that we are neither bodies or minds, we are souls. If I ask you where you are, you will say “here”, and touch your chest. This is where the soul is. 


Brain and Mind is the same but the soul, your real self, that's something else. Sometimes I get panic attacks. I make horrific scenarios,. I try to stop for five minutes and take a walk. And in the walk, I focus on something else, which means I am controlling my will. So what is this thing that is controlling my mind? If my mind is me., then I cannot control it.. I can give you names of two doctors that you have to listen to Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza. You have to listen to what they're doing. Magical. Lipton used to work with the CIA. Also on the LSD, subconscious and brainwash and all that in the 60s, and then eventually 20 years later after that, he broke through to tell people about what their subconscious can do. And he tells you from zero to seven years this is when you are shaped on subconscious and then the subconscious takes the driver’s seat for the rest of your life. So, unless you can reprogram your subconscious mind by saying a mantra, or repeating to sense things or behaving or pretending to be something it will always control you unless you control it.

Definitely language is one way to do it. Physical activity is also something. Let's say I wake up now and  I’m sick. Or you know, I don't feel like doing sports. Joe Dispenza -to move to the other doctor- says, you have to discipline because if you say I don't want to do this and you don’t, this means your mind is taking over you. So, you have to break it by doing something different. And then you're already programming your own self -you can because you're not your mind, you are a soul.

I used to work in Dubai, and there was a Pakistani lady who worked with me in advertising. She had a stroke and got partly paralyzed. She healed herself by talking to her limbs and her organs through hypnotherapy.  She was adopted, she didn't have a family, Was all alone when the doctors told her she will never be able to walk again. She told me “I spoke to my hand like it is something alive on its own. You will move”. And she was normal when I saw out of the stroke. 

That's why in every religion they have mantras and repeat, be it prayers, holy texts whatever. 

Is it Star Wars? Star Trek? I watched it very briefly. My mom was against science fiction. And I also took this from her for a long time. I didn't watch any science fiction. Until I was like late. 20s 

But I can tell it was about holograms and time travel. Do I believe in time travel? Yes. Do I believe in holograms? Yes. And I think that's the future and I think we're gonna know a lot in the coming few years. Do I believe that we are leaping and we have a New Earth? Yes. Examples of time travel would be telepathy, imagination. dreams -as we know of now. 

I know some people who go and stay in complete darkness for days, to release DMT, it is a substance that exists in the body. I once took something with DMT and I saw this: time is an illusion. I saw my life before and after, I was not bound in space and time and I was happy. And I was totally aware, like the people who die and come back, state of being without separation. I cannot link it to anything else that I have experienced before. I am usually very judgemental and think that you need to be spiritually advanced to achieve these stated on your own. But I am learning. If there are no binaries, then I don’t need to step in the other person’s shoes to forgive them. It is fine, and we are all connected. But we are on different journeys. Let’s not stay small. 


Seven years ago, I decided that II want to feel happy again without drugs because I had reached a point where I would not go out with people.if there was no drugs. I remember standing on a hill next to a tree and I could appreciate an amazing view below, I could feel in every direction, harmony, but something in my body was wrong. I realized that my hormones had changed, my serotonin, my dopamine function and all this had changed because of the drig abuse. This was a moment of transformation for me. Because I had connected in the past with an amazing view and could feel it all over me and beyond -a moment on a beach in Greece that I experienced as heaven. 

My magical device is always breath. Breathing to my heart.  


Device: deep breath into the heart

Transition: spiritual 

Interface: family