pig , transform , people , caterpillar , magic , alice , printer , evil queen , turn , jeté , mad hatter , mushroom , white paper , wonderland , performing , greedy , fly , magic wand , falling , clicks


This is Superman, I only have heard of him from some boys. I think he flies and saves the people. He is using something to get transform. I would also love to be able to do that, to transform and fly and save people and animals and do magic like a fairy. To make someone big or small or invisible. 

This is Alice in Wonderland. She is performing a grand jeté. The rabbit surprised her because he could talk. She followed him down the rabbit hole and then she lost him and she found him again together with the Mad Hatter and the Evil Queen. She then saw the caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. The caterpillar said, if Alice would eat from one side of the mushroom, she would become big and from the other side, smaller. I don’t remember anything else. I only know she started falling. I don’t believe these things really happen. 

Third card, these people are controlling something. Maybe a printer? A printer that can print something out of air. I also want to have magic powers, to get transformed into anything, to save people and do magic to help. I would have a magic wand. From the outside, it would be wooden. But the inside would be like a machine I saw once in a museum. It would turn a white paper into something magical with every color. The magic I dream of doing, is to help people. For example, if someone is greedy, I would transform myself into a wounded animal, so that person would have to help me and this way learn how to help others. 

Next to my magic wand there is a pig, too, it’s also magic. It can talk in every language and clean itself by taking a shower. When the pig clicks its finger, it transforms itself into something else and in twenty minutes it turns back into a pig automatically. 


Device: wand, pig

Transition: automatic

Interface: printer