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So, you are collecting opinions, nice
I liked Star Trek a lot but I don’t believe in beaming. I believe in supernatural powers. How is it possible to beam your body through a device like the Transporter? It has to be something that is yours to provide you such an amount of energy. Yourself should be your own Transporter. Or at least something that belongs to your body, that is part of your own flesh. No device that is someone else’s can get your molecules disassembled and reassembled. This Star Trek story is extreme, it’s for kids.
I used to believe in Superman as well. He could fly, I do not doubt that, we can have such powers but they are hard to find. Especially through common sense.
I have to think about teleporting, I have to believe it and then I can do it. Then the body has to listen to the mind and follow. David Copperfield was doing this with the power of his mind. But of course, we don’t know if all that was true. But superpowers, definitely, I do believe in them. I believe there are two kinds of forms in the universe; one is the human form, like us, that can exist in supernatural power like Superman and are timeless and never expire. The second kind of form is very similar, I have seen it in a movie as well. It is eternal too, and also has superpowers but they resemble humans, they are not humans. Of course, they do not consider their powers as superpowers, it’s just the way it is. This kind of form survives forever in a space and can become invisible. I believe that both forms can be invisible. One thing I cannot believe is that the visible world can meet the invisible one. Then there will be no balance. If we met our parallel selves, that would be a disaster. We can only meet in our current forms, two arms two legs or in our other forms which is another level of communication. Actually, I think that you can teleport but with your thinking, not through a spacecraft. Or, as I said, it has to happen with a device that you produce yourself. I don’t know, maybe it’s like a watch, I put it on my wrist and then it is possible. But the materials, the design and the craft have to be mine. The idea is mine and the art is mine, parts of my being.
Alice is a fairy tale. A really nice one. Wonders are wonders only for humans. The creatures that live in the Wonderland do not see them as wonders. It’s daily life., it’s natural. Possibly this kind of stories would be helpful for children’s education and development, they are food for thought, they open up perspectives.
We were watching those stuff a lot as kids. Spock was made of lava. I believe that the whole world is made of lava. Our bones are made of lava and our flesh is water, wind exists in the body and we cannot survive without it, and then it’s the energy that keeps us moving and our heart beating. Only light is a mystery. It’s necessary but mysterious, it’s a gift. Blind people have only four of these elements and for them light is metaphorical, a concept.
I identify with Star Trek. Our planet is like a spaceship. We live inside the galaxy. We can move in our own ways consciously in space. I am part of this Universe, I have senses and I have abilities and this is necessary to perceive things essentially and consciously. I have all the freedom to move whenever I want, but I am trapped. They were confined in a spacecraft, we are confined in our galaxy.
We live in-between decay and eternity. We all have both versions. Only nature is eternal and the galaxy. In star trek everyone was getting older. But inside the Wonderland everything was indestructible, eternal. This is reality. And now, the very moment I am speaking each word, that word becomes real, exists.

 Device: watch, self-made
Transition: cosmic, animal
Interface: parallel, body, moonlight