Superpowers, manga, magic, old times, technology, back from dying, ring, watch


Yes, it is possible, you just need to find something to help you get the superpowers. I know Superman and Alice of course but this one, no. Many people are looking constantly in several places to find a magic ring or a watch or a necklace. Most of these people are usually children. I do not have one but it is common to find, absolutely possible, yes.

The Mangas I watch can transform into different things by eating certain fruits. Then they can also reverse the transformation and control it. The only thing that is not possible in these mangas is for someone to come back to life after dying. You know, Magic does not exist anymore, it existed in the old times. Nowadays you can use technology to build your own ring or watch, not necessarily find it hidden somewhere.



Device: ring

Transition: instant

Interface: animation