transform , magic wand , alice , golden glow , frog ,, scepter , witch , beauty , garbage , fairy , earth , diamonds , batman , purple , school


This is Superman. I don’t know who the other man is. 

This is the Beauty and the Beast. Ah no, it’s Alice. I know her. But I don’t remember what is happening with Alice.

About this one, I know nothing.

I don’t know anyone who gets transformed. But I know Batman. He is inside, in my room. And Princess Holly. She has a magic wand and does whatever she likes. She can transform anybody to anything. Her wand is purple and she is a fairy. I also have a magic wand! I will get it now. It is looks like a scepter, but it’s not, it’s full of diamonds. With this, I can transform everyone all the time. I also have some magic rings. They have diamonds on them as well. But if I wanted to transform you, I would use the wand. When you see a golden glow coming out of it, then you know that it’s working. 

There are no magic words now, in the past I used to say “abracatabra abracaju”, now nothing. I always bring people I transform back to their other state. I turn mom into a frog. 

On Wednesday, I am performing in my school, we play the Gargage-Witch. She fills the whole Earth with garbage. I also believe in mermaids. I cannot remember if I ever saw one, I will need some time to think about it. 


Device: wand

Transition: instant

Interface: sceptre