normal , upside -down,, movie , necklace , wear , animals , sad , turns , chain , saves , rabbit , necklace


This is Superman. In the beginning, he is just a simple man, a normal man. Then he turns into Superman from the movie. He uses magic. He passes through the phone booth and he transforms. Then he saves people and he fights the bad guys. So normally he is Superman, not the other man.

This is Alice in the Magic World. She saw once a rabbit that fell into a hole. And when she followed it and fell also, everything started turning upside down. Ιn this image, Alice is higher and in the mirror she is upside down. She meets mostly animals. I think that animals can talk but we cannot understand them completely. Only when they are sad.

I cannot imagine what is happening in this image. 

I do have a similar experience. There is a movie where there are some witches that they can teleport and they can fly on brooms. I had a wish once, to be able to do magic.

A friend of mine wanted once to fly on a broom. So, I made a wish for my friend to be able to do this. I think that this is possible, you can experience this, if you really want it. 

My magical object is a necklace. It would allow you to do everything you want but with safety. I would have made it myself. I would always have it with me and take very good care of it. It has a blue stone in a golden chain. When you wear it can make you invisible, so nobody notices that you have it.


Device: necklace, self-made

Transition: smooth

Interface: invisible