bi-morphed, laser, dog, magic school bus, spin, arrows, boss, teapot, rolls, spiderman, tornado, robots, cup, exist, sky, fly


He is Superman. He can fly and he is always strong. What I know for sure is that he has two forms. He is bi-morphed. And he has laser coming out from his eyes. He only does this to the bad ones. He spins around himself and that’s how he becomes Superman. He only can do this when he is inside a bad guy’s house. 

I see the arrows. And this is Alice. I have never seen that movie. I only see the arrows. They show down, there and there. I see a teapot and a cup. And a book that just opened. I do not believe that there are such worlds. Maybe just the Magic School Bus. 

This one does not exist. It is five men. They are called Fivemen. They are robots. 

So, I only recognize Superman who is spinning around himself. I would like to become Spiderman. I would use the same way, I would spin like a tornado. If I would have to have a magical object, I would have a little dog. It’s not real. It says woof and a lot of other stuff. And I tell him not to bark. This dog is my boss. He tells me what to do and how many hours I should work. He is always my dog and my boss simultaneously and rolls on a wheel. He also has legs. My real dog flew to the sky recently. This dog that I draw for you now, is just my magical object. 


device: animal

Transition: flying

Interface: wheels