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I am a sound engineer. I worked for years building and repairing pipe organs. I have also been trained in shamanic healing for a few years. I define myself as a (soon to-be) liberated soul, far away from dualities. I believe that everyone is a healer. An artist is a healer too. Everyone serves their own field, narrow or broad; it’s their gift, no matter where it comes from. I need to clarify here before we go on, that I had my training in South-American shamanism here, in Switzerland. Originally the school was founded in 1291 They have a quality control for magic misuse for teachers and students, because really dangerous things can happen. A training is lifelong, there are 15 stages ,I only did it for three years and completed three stages, three levels or “gateways” as they are called

I was never a fan of Superman, he was too cute., too sweet. Batman was darker, I liked him more. Here, I see a transition. Superman is hiding in himself. There is a space, this booth, to me this means that he needs some space or a special environment to trigger the transition. For me ceremonies are quite an important thing. And for a ceremony you have to create a space for a certain time with some alchemic elements -whatever this means. In the shamanic way we say that then “you fool yourself”, meaning that you are aware that you fool yourself. In this sense I need this booth or this feather or this drum to trigger something. In reality, I don’t need it, it is just for myself, the idea that this feather contains a certain medicine. It is not placebo. The feather has a certain vibration, a certain energy. If I am not (yet) in harmony, in resonance with this medicine, then I need the feather too. it is an assistance, a tool. And as soon as I can open myself and have the vibration and the energy, i do not need the feather anymore.

For example, there is a ceremony where as an aspiring shaman, you stay in a cave overnight together with three rattlesnakes. The idea is that you let one of them bite you and let its medicine flow in your body. If you are in the right place with your mindset any everything, it has to be orgiastic., apparently. But if you are not in the right place within, you die. The ceremonies in my shamanistic journey were all about the fear of death, and this one is precisely about this. There are so many variations. I remember one of the first ceremonies we had to perform, was a night in the grave. You spend a whole night from sunset to sunrise inside a hole the earth, as if you were dead -not covered with earth, but inside. It is a circular idea exploring one’s numerous past deaths through natural elements. How is it to die in fire, water, air and in the ground. Through such ceremonies you are able to get a greater potential of your energy than in your daily life. And there you have the help of angels, animals, spirits, different kinds of forces. Then you see that there is not only one life but many different ones. So, for me this booth of Superman is one of those ceremonies. 

Voll abgespaced! Is this Alice in Wonderland? It is like an LSD trip! I have never tripped on acid and. have never seen or read Alice. I don’t know what exactly it is about. I see some humour here and friendly spirits. It looks like surrender. Like looking forward to something, but what? To whatever happens, everything is possible. Or backwards or up and down. Open minded and open-souled, does this word exist? It falls into my mind! Unpredictable. It is mystical. 

So, I don’t know her story. But I have similar memories of my own. There is another ceremony, called “sundance”. In the shamanic way, there is once in a while a greater ceremony, performed in a group. Usually, you are alone in the ceremonies, but there are special ones, like this: two hundred people share their energies for their dream. Every one draws their own individual dream on a signboard, it can be anything, a job, a child, world peace or a porsche. They spread around a big tree, that is a tree of life. These 200 people with pipes and feathers connect their dreams -that are not yet manifested- to the tree and like a dance, they run back and forth to the tree for four days and three nights, holding their signs. There are always drums playing, just from 2am to 6am everything is still. And starts over. It is a gigantic pump of joint energies. You don’t give and take back energy only from and to the tree, but also from and to the others.

In this ceremony I have encountered the spirit that has helped me land on this planet. Before the ritual, our teacher said that there are a few ghosts from other worlds with us, helping us. She mentioned his name and I immediately recognized it.

I somehow knew his name and I saw his picture in a book that I bought later that year. Raven Blanket is his medicine name. He accompanies souls, this is what he does. It is still shocking for me, how my teacher just mentioned a name and it just stroke me. And how I came across that book and recognized his face. It’s like a mosaic that gets slowly formed. Somehow, he guides me and he communicates with me, this is how I have memories from him.

I do not think I come from Earth. I know this since my early years. I have always felt that I have no parents here., since my early childhood, I feel a stranger. I have found out that I come from the Pleiades complex. I have memories from there too. I have them long before my shamanic journey but that helped me connect the dots. It’s my Heimat

I am a big Star Trek fan. This is the absolute dream, to teleport but without a machine. I think that we have this ability but we have mis-learned it. We can do this, but it takes a lot of practice. The Aboriginals can do it. We can do it if we practice and re-learn it. But the machines and the technology as it is used today works counter to that ability of us. Because that technology we use drives our attention away from practicing the real thing. 

For me transition happens with a blink. Eyes close and open



Device: eye, blink


Transition: slide


Interface: ceremony