aliens, animals, gate, suit, button, magic stick, dream

Superman helps people who are threatened by bad ones or are in danger of a robbery. In this image we see how from a normal human he becomes Superman. I don’t know exactly how he does this, but I see in the picture that he puts a suit on inside the telephone box. 

And this is Alice, she is inside a tree trunk. She goes to another world where she can talk to the animals. 

This one, I don’t know.

Once, as I was sleeping, I saw a big gate opening, and inside the gate all objects were floating. There were no humans there, just aliens. I don’t remember exactly how the aliens looked like,  just remember that they didn’t look like humans at all. They were very nice and friendly. It was just a big green place, just green all over. 

I would like to have a button and when I push it, get to the place I think of. It could be for example a pen or a marker, I press it like this on the lid and I get anywhere I like. But it could as well be a random object, like a wooden stick. I will draw it for you.


Device: pencil, stick


Transition: cosmic travel


Interface: button