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Dinner – closeness and vagueness (in German, English and  Japanese)

Keywords: Gender, Taste, Memory, Perception, Queer

Question for Dinner for taste, sight, touch, hearing of own senses

What is the "taste of your home"?

What is my "taste"?

Is "taste" might be possible to transform into the artistic mediums as a part of creativity?

Can we share "taste"?

Shopping and planting for the materials:


Visiting to organic cultivation in Berlin/Brandenburg, Markets in Berlin, and Planting herbs at home...

A performative video and sound work with a guest, who is a German actor Christoph Schleimmer. He is also a stage director and a trainer for the actors in Germany. He graduated from Folkwang University of Arts, performing arts in acting (actor) in Germany. He works as an independent actor more than 30 years long, has numerous appearances and performances on TV, film and stage. 





Two small Beetroot Soups (traditional recipe, and with chickpeas)

Lotus root salad


main dish

Pasta mit Sea urchin (or french oysters, that are excellent in season during any month that has an R in it between September and April) or home-made Gnocchi (potato or sweet potato) with gorgonzola sauce


WASABI icecream or Chia Coconut Pudding with maple syrup and chilli, and a very short honey of "beens" story

Without the addition of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors

Due to the changing climate and pollution of nature, I am not sure with this norm, but it is very nice culturally and literality. We can see how humans lived with the nature.

Gender studies is the study on humans and society, what gender is, which research questions are toward for the human-right, human-being, habitus, mentality, social structure as well as educational and culture rather than living automatically.

Photography, Video, Sound, Drawing, Collage

The five senses does not affect for desire, but rather the research question is for time perception and its sensation in memory, which is the potentiality of creativity, e.g. in cognitive language.

One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is losing sense of taste for a while. It's associated with a reduced sense of smell.




Socio- and political-, as well as economical aspect after the corona pandemic from the perspective of Fine arts:

For example, the changing worth of materiality, such as in the case of diamond:


- Diamond as the higher material, its character

- Processing method and technology - Value of Design, Decoration and Aesthetic
- Industrialisation for everyone, credit (selling and buying), changing capital materiality
- New using for the technology and the new life-style, e.g. Record needle and changing of the global musical culture
- Substitute with artificial material, e.g. Zirconia for the new characture of materiality, for example, its changing design, such as lightweight and compact

Zirconia is one of the best material more than other materials of the crown for the dental treatment today, and will become cheeper as a dental material for everyone. However, we need to know well, how it is used for the individual dental treatment, it depends on an individual teeth condition.

It refers to the subject of improving the world (but, is it in which way?) in my artistic research from the critical aspect.

Today, we have many options.

Which type of lifestyle or which option, do you/I want to decide or choose?

Life is "It's up to you/me" in and by the individual fortune, which life is in the 21st century.

Thereby, an important task in the 21st century is, for what is required in an individual thinking and knowledge, even if in a family.

Changing capitalism and its materiality since 100 years

Changing social structure, familialization, (...)

Not denying the imitation of nature (mimesis) is, that humans produce something from the imitation of nature, as in the case of zirconia (zirconium oxide) research. 

Materiality in fine arts, Immaterialty in arts, and Progressive immateriality as a materiality in visual arts.