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I back to the Method of Roland Barthes in cognitive linguistics, and semiotics. Artistic methods are in literature, drawing, photography, Video, Sound, and Performance together with diverse materials, as well as in an object, objects and spatial installation within the representational theories, which will be transformed into another artistic medium(s). The sources are magazines (virtual and paper), as well as my environment in the real space of everyday life (reflection of living space, and also global communication, its changing of thinking in time and space)

Climate (Environment),
Natural features (Natural transformation),

Spiritual features (Culture (Tradition, Habits, and Customs) and its changing through the environment, milieu)

What were relevant topics in 2020?

I have been exploring on nature, and from the perspective of nature subjectivity. 

Health care

Climate change


Digitization and Big data

Communication and transportation


Social distance


Robotic and Automation


Human and Non-Human society

Social media

Governance and Public policy

Surveillance at public space and on internet by AI

Privacy policy



etc, etc.

In a garden, Berlin, June 2021

Even if in the fashion branch, these topics were thematic.

-> were Human-centered topics.

-> God centered topics were, ...conflict, racism, as well as anti semitism...etc...

Problems with high-rise construction from 1970s in the countries that are in the tropics:

An example city is Tokyo, Japan.

The amount of energy used by air conditioning equipment and the amount of heat of its exhaust, heat radiation by asphalt, etc, etc, there are unlimited problems.

From April to June 2020, 200 people died from heat stroke in Tokyo Japan

Hypothesis: Traditional building materials are environmentally friendly in housing.

In arid desert areas, I think it is a necessary building material considering the heat transfer of stones. 

Heat transfer

Material distortion due to the environment

21st Century Material Synthesis Technology

Which material to use by which techniques for what purpose in which environment and for which environment

For that, we need lots of data which is long-term of explorations, because the nature is always changing. -> work in progress for the future vision

The issue between Art and Aesthetics is their research in the historical model, in which terms of art history, which is not a 'work in progress for the future vision.
There is another aspect of research in aesthetics, that is on naturalization in Aesthetics that explores through the context of human senses in the environment.

The Arctic