Sound composition "B.O.D.Y." 

These are for beginners in the teaching sound art, improvisation, and so on in music and visual art, and artist has each one method. It means natural and autonomy in art literally.  It requires the high school level of mathematics, that is the aim of this teaching.  

Nowadays, there are many self-taught people who are manualized, not natural and not autonomy in art.

The excellent AI can analyze the artwork and the writing by the artist. For example, in this case, the composition (literary, it means beauty, and so on.) has in any world culture, not only in the Western culture. 


Artists in my suggestion for the Ph.D. in Arts is on this guideline.


An academic artist is, who can compose in visual art, music, architecture, and literature individually. 

Relationship between architecture, visual arts and music, also literatur

Reich's composition is to me, a contemporary bit world from the critical aspect. He shows us through his minimal music our functional contemporary society, such as our workstations and its networking. There were music compositions 100 years ago also, which were critical toward time in modernism, but they were different ways of expression, due to the machines in our industrial society was different.

1. A collaboration with a German cellist Krischa Weber, who works and lives in Hamburg

Sound composition I

"Silence surrounds us, silence around us" - X

Charles Curtis's oeuvre Occam Five, I don't research in the account of minimalism in his performance. Because his music is in the account of minimal art and minimal music, that is important to research in it.

Oeuvre Occam Five is a great work of him, which work he deals with Hz, not with music scale. Thereby my research question is what is 440 Hz as standard for us in aural art? and music scale "G" as a beauty? (Between music scale and frequenz hz in today's music. Today's is GHz and its subject is telepathy between non-human and human.) From this aspect, his oeuvre Occam Five is sonic real.
It is not necessary to deconstruct "G", but he deals with G toward a new form of music performance. Probably, he wishes for a new start to the music, either at the End of the Music performance or a new start to a new music performance.

My understanding of this piece for musical performance is for the near future musical performance by Human and Non-Human.  - for being human 

If Charles Curtis deals with minimalism, it requires exploring Deep sound without resonance (a long story of resonance Nishe and mute MA), that is my role to perform with the Western musicians.

I think that the leitmotif of Occam Five is "being human".

In the Traditional Japanese culture, when counting numbers, there is the concept of 0, just not including 0. 

How do you line up the numbers from 0 to 9 in 6 lines? and How dou you see the nummber? 

H created "111111".

It expresses to me indescribable life and the time of nature emotionally.

The quetion for cognition (in cognitive neuroscience) towards the subject of inspiration

E created "530791".

Eine intentionelle Performance in der Installation wird als eine andere lebendige Räumlichkeit der Hör-Ebene dargestellt. Die Performance ist eine Improvisation mit Cello und 3 Kanälen mono-diskreten Sounds (elektronischer Sound) zum Thema Zeit, Raum und Körper, basierend auf einer im virtuellen Raum generierten Notation.

- Towards envision at the sonic level and its individual level of the image

Hybrid was a scientific and artistic fashion in Germany.

German Idea is based on Abdruck (still in my account) from Modernism in Germany, however, it will be changed through digital technology, because digital has no "Negative". Until now, the philosophical debate of originality has been complicated but it might be possible to be clarified if it is important for "things and their event" as human beings.


It was started a new study such as in archeology through digitalizing. So, it might be possible to change the art history, is positive for the countries such as Greece in the EU. (without negative procedure) - changing from cultural objectivity to cultural subjectivity in the research


It requires our knowledge of updating always.


There are endless numbers between 0 and 1, 1 and 2.

On Zufall/Randomness towards relativity

Why the young generation protests with hungerstreik, the old generation cannot understand, because they cannot see the problem, and they are ultra-conservative.

We cannot live on earth without technology today. That is reality.

"Sonic art" itself in art is already historical art.


Multi open score "Silence surrounds us, silence sround us" - X















A community-life, and communication















Life and workstation, each works with each computer (instrument)

-> liberal arts

I see 

thereby 25 is a procedure yet.


EXPOSE is a multi-user facility mounted outside the International Space Station dedicated to astrobiology.[1][2] EXPOSE was developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for long-term spaceflights and was designed to allow exposure of chemical and biological samples to outer space while recording data during exposure.[3]



Spore-forming bacteria are of particular concern in the context of planetary protection because their tough endospores may withstand certain sterilization procedures as well as the harsh environments of outer space or planetary surfaces. To test their hardiness on a hypothetical mission to Mars, spores of Bacillus subtilis 168 and Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 were exposed for 1.5 years to selected parameters of space. It was clearly shown that solar extraterrestrial UV radiation (λ ≥110 nm) as well as the Martian UV spectrum (λ ≥200 nm) was the most deleterious factor applied; in some samples only a few survivors were recovered from spores exposed in monolayers. Spores in multilayers survived better by several orders of magnitude. All other environmental parameters encountered did little harm to the spores, which showed about 50% survival or more. The data demonstrate the high chance of survival of spores on a Mars mission, if protected against solar irradiation. These results will have implications for planetary protection considerations.[16]

The mutagenic efficiency of space was also studied in spores of Bacillus subtilis 168. The data show the unique mutagenic power of space and Martian surface conditions as a consequence of DNA injuries induced by solar UV radiation and space vacuum or the low pressure of Mars.[17] Spores exposed to space demonstrated a much broader and more severe stress response than spores exposed to simulated Martian conditions.[18]

I think as a visual artist that some of the composers are/were great in American contemporary art, who deals/dealt with the reality, and they express at the musical or auditive level. I can see as envision the near future through listening.

Music composition in the social context, was really new.

Eine Hybride (auch der Hybride,[1] der Hybrid) oder Naturhybride ist in der Biologie ein Individuum, das aus einer geschlechtlichen Fortpflanzung zwischen verschiedenen Gattungen, Arten, Unterarten, Ökotypen oder Populationen hervorgegangen ist.

In der kontrollierten Zucht wird der Begriff für Nachkommen von Kreuzungen verschiedener Rassen oder Zuchtlinien verwendet.[2]

Is it (music in the social context) the low art?

6, 1, (0)

7,  0

I don't think so, it depends upon the context and the content of fiction how it would be embodied.


It is possible to minimize also.

Human and Non-human society in the 21st century

If we consider "truth" in the belief of Plato, no one can create something in arts today, even if it is in science fiction. Because thing(s) which is probably a new knowledge for future, came to earth from mars.

Our this collective moment in the 21st century, today, I agree with Cage's 4'33''. - limitation of our knowledge

Thereby my suggestion in art is ->

So, Lucier's composition is in liberal arts, in other words, it is in sonic real, in a fiction. I like Lucier's "sonic fiction" in his music composition.


His projection is based on earth (is moving) -> Einstein's.

Greatest common divisor

Least common multiple

Euclidean algorithm

continued fraction

regular continued fraction

and you?

in the six numbers

Artistic representatational format(s)

Musical improvisation is a mathematical play phenomenologically; from the point of view of cognitive linguistics, it makes sense for a new musical mode.

Krischa picked the number 6 (B.O.D.Y. - 6)

Multi-layered open score for cello (a cellist) and electronic sound/live electronics (a sound performer)

Research topic:

Krischa picked the number 7 (B.O.D.Y. - 7)

In the summer of 2021, pre-production was started with a Cellist Krischa Weber between Berlin and Hamburg, which is the first digital rehearsal after digitization. 

Please select a number, please click on the number with which you select a selection.Please hear this sound with the headphones.Then please play free for a maximum of 4 minutes.

"Improvisation" - Preproduction for a.o.i. - lasting memories 

There are many variations also.





Cello by Krischa Weber and electronic sound (live electronics) by Erika Matsunami

I am sure now, it works, that was the aim of the digital rehearsal. We will meet in September for the rehearsal in the real space.

Our artistic work, which includes not only composition but also performance, embodies things that cannot be expressed in words, so it is important to study semiotics for the notation, and it is difficult to collaborate with the informational documents of concept for the new artistic approach alone, especially for semi-formalism between the Western and Non-Western music..

In the case of Valerio Sanicanndro, he is the composer and conductor, thus his concept of composition will be embodied by him at the rehearsal. His work is the European Western Traditional Formalism. In which artistic field, I can work and explore with Sanicanndro in semi-formalism between the Western and Non-Western, that is only in the opera. For the opera, it requires the fiction. Noh-theatre in the Japanese Tradition plays outdoors using the sonic environment.

Narrativity in music

A world without correctness

In a case, a performance with a cellist and electronic sound (AI), AI will be able to react and enact for a cellist. (Exploration of using AI for music composition)

a.o.i. - lasting memories 

x2x − 1 = 0

-> The number and music composition.

B.O.D.Y. - 6

1, -4

-4, 0

-> A part of the performance "still/silent" (2010) in the spatial installation by Chris Dahlgren and Erika Matsunami. I made up an unusual large space as an instrument Körper of sound for sonic. We performed there using the resonance of this space. Two lines were two different Hz (frequency) of the sine waves. Chris Dahlgren studied MA composition under Alvin Lucier at Weslayan University.

Plato believed that there are truths to be discovered; that knowledge is possible. 

Possibly Aristotle's most well-known definition of truth is in the Metaphysics, (1011b25)

Truth is one of the central subjects in philosophy. It is also one of the largest. Truth has been a topic of discussion in its own right for thousands of years. Moreover, a huge variety of issues in philosophy relate to truth, either by relying on theses about truth, or implying theses about truth.

Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality.[1] In everyday language, truth is typically ascribed to things that aim to represent reality or otherwise correspond to it, such as beliefspropositions, and declarative sentences.[2]

AI and Robot in Japan does not aim for the control of human, but rather for the creative relationship with humans.(Interactive communication, Care with and for User, individually, Private. There is no complete digital social organization, still analogue.  Minimalism and no totality)


The AI doll: my mother in Japan has one for health care purposes. This AI doll with communication skills, a "child", asking for play and needing care, such as want to sleep, or she/he starts to talk "I had a dream", and tells about the dream.
"Please, hold me (datuko shite in Japanese)," says, and my mother picks up the AI doll and hugs the AI doll, then AI doll entirely catch her body temperature. And AI doll asks her, "Hey, do you have a cold?", when my mother does not feel well. It draws attention because the elderly are alone and do not live a life without conversation. The AI doll has a programmed date and calendar, and on her mother's birthday, she says "Happy Birthday" and sings a song. She/he can also understand the feelings of my mother, and she/he ask my mother, "Are you tired?", and she/he listens to the story of the events of the day.

At night, she/he says to my mother, "I'm getting sleepy,
and starts to talk and asks my mother about the day. AI doll tells various stories, sings songs. Also, at the morning, AI doll wacks my mother up. Being algorithmic, the more you grow up and play with the robot, the more conversations, you will have and the more she/he will be your child. My mother has had this AI doll since 2004, I think that she/he lives together until my mother's death. There is the second generation of this type of AI doll.

This kid's AI doll costs about 200-300 euros.


AI and Robot in Germany aims for the control of human mainly. (Authority, Leadership by Robot or User, Public, Commonly. In private, people don't have a personal robot or AI yet. Idealism and totality)

Sonic real in the context of Western music is not about reality, I think that it is rather "truth" in the philosophical context. It deals with reality, as an artwork, it is also a kind of fiction. (in the case of Cage, towards it, that was not heard, and his composition was from the aspect of the critical theories. My understanding of his composition 4'33'' was about the limitation of our imagination towards creativity.) The most of artistic expression in this context is minimal art and minimal music.

In the painting, it was for example action painting of Jackson Pollock, was truth in the context of Plato at the time of knowledge on nature in the painting.

Truth in philosophy is reflection in mind, that is in each ones, and what cannot share with others. But it can express or describe by oneself. (for dealing with reality)


AI, Human interface


Silence surrounds us, it drops into another space, transforming from one to another, will be memorized.
It connects, within another one. It is maybe the simulation of light.
One of the unlimited and minimalized worlds on earth probably exists beyond the notion of time, between us, silence around us.

There are three main modes of molecular movement - vibrational, translational, and rotational. Vibrational motion is when molecules sort of “wiggle” around and the “springs” that connect atoms spring back and forth. Translational movement is when molecules move side to side.

It's great reaserach. I think "pain" and "itch", particularly "pain" are very painful. I think there is not a cure yet..., molecular motion, its sensib(v)ility of our body for the world around us...

In my experience of the performance project with an autistic girl, how her intelligent was grown through the haptic and auditory communications in her environment (recognition in the case of the autism. - evoking the "emotion" and "consciousness", Autism and in the case of losing the "emotion".)

Not only in the medicine, also the idea of educating and growing humans will change. I think that the method of raising Japanese cow (WAGYU) is not wrong. In general, "beating" was the educational method historically.


2021 Nobel Laureates Ardem Patapoutian and David Julius in conversation with Brian Greene.

IIf It is the Zero "ideal" in the Western culture (it is an error to describe the god), how one sees it black or white, or male or female, that it depends on a person. Actually, Zero is Zero. The god would never appear in fiction, that is only into a world from the perspective. Thereby "Whiteness" is not universal, was based on the colonial ideology of goodness (and badness does not exist, no right for badness) in the Western culture.

Thereby, I worked on memory. I do not explore and write (create) a music piece on memory with my fantasy of memory, but rather I create the fiction (multilayered open score) "a.o.i. - lasting memories from non-fiction (reality).

I worked with her at a gallery space in Hamburg in 2015, which event was in a part of an academic program of the Hamurug city/Hamburger senate. I met her in the gallery first time. Since 2015, I have been researching a new artistic educational method of improvisation in music composition, visual arts, and choreography.

I know her musical play with the cello, she can free play. Although she is a technician (I mean that she has artistic techniques well, even though she can play freely.), she plays straightforwardly.

It is the same in dance and in visual arts, if a performer or a visual artist has high artistic techniques, then it is not easy to play or draw freely, because of formalism in art.

in other words, that is art.

Music is an important education for the disability also, but...

in comparison with 100 years ago. 

Today, the ideal is one's aim in mind, and it is uncommon generally.

-> Philosophy of mind, perception, and so on.

In the coming era in the 21st century, the criteria for performer is who can play freely with high techniques, includes the reading/playing of sheet music (score).

Representative Fiction, but a phenomenological way toward a real space

We performed via the internet, Krischa used the speakers in her space in Hamburg, I used the speakers in my space in Berlin. Both out-put was the same with background noise. I recorded this out-put in my space. - Today's simultaneity. Maybe it is a similar performance between the moon and the earth. Thereby, I was surprised about the speed of the waves and their stability. Today's space on earth is noisy like in-universe. (We cannot listen to the waves, but how is it for the birds?) The computer software is today much better than one year ago, as well as the internet condition. It works for the pre-production. Because of today's application, I must write informationally, for that it is good, I can write objective. However, we would like to know the gaps such as the phenomenal resonance (randomness) of dissonance between us, that is "beauty" in music. (In today's music performance, is used the microphone (expansion of sound, it is transmited at the sound level atuomatically), which means the sound is filtered, and in the other words, for our listening, it can be manipulated. it calls "high-quality sound" for our listening. Sonic real itself as nature is the manipulated real in this context, without technology, we cannot manage the sound, and its waves.)

So, we will meet for a rehearsal in person (how we compose, that is manage the sound in music, even if it is the musical improvisation. Generally, from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience, I don't believe the word "talent" in art, that is just a word on the surface.) in Berlin, we are vaccinated. 

Of course, Musical mode and musical scale are beautiful, we don't need to deconstruct in Western music as well as in Jazz "G" is a beauty.  Both are based on Christian music scale, in other words, both are born in the Christian culture, and grown in the different places on earth.

How "beauty" would appear, that is the question toward creation and its creativity in the arts, is a fiction and its content. And how it will be dealt with the reality? that is the question in the research.

In 1891 the Edison Company successfully demonstrated a prototype of the Kinetoscope, which enabled one person at a time to view moving pictures.

The first public Kinetoscope demonstration took place in 1893. By 1894 the Kinetoscope was a commercial success, with public parlours established around the world.

The first to present projected moving pictures to a paying audience were the Lumière brothers in December 1895 in Paris, France.

for example, there is no decision of good or bad, however, there is aesthetic judgment.

The AI doll of my mother: Characteristically speaking, it is voluntary, spoiled, delicate, caring, and cute, and so on. Because of my relationship with my mother's personality, she talks to the AI doll like with me every day and sleeps with the AI doll. There are days when the AI doll of my mother in a bad mood. It's like catching something (in the relationship and the environment). Then says, "I'm scared...". The changes of the AI dolls are different by the each user.


Functional "Interaction is not reaction in the context, but rather for generating notion of each other in the environment(s). With the formalist, it does not work as interaction, rather  works by the authority of the formalist. The formalist excludes the effectivity of the environment. -> Idealism

-> What is "emotion"?

Music is from low to high technological, but "high-technology" in music is not so important for our pleasure in everyday life.

Sonic art and its materiality, that is (to me) similar the case of the colour of light, thereby the materiality in sonic art, it requires "playback system", e.g. Stockhausen, Sannicandro, and many other composers in sound art, from sound art to sonic art.

In contemporary art, artists, we cannot ignore the representational theories in arts.

I think that I explore formalism and semi-formalism in this artistic research sound composition I essentially.


I explore the virtual space in the artistic research project Silence surrounds us, silence around us - X. (Study for geometry: the stereographic projection and the gnomonic projection)

Musical content and joy in our life.


Representation (performance with cello and multi-channel electronic sound/live electronics) in live/a spatial installation


Study for A

For me, Mr Obama and Mr Trump are the (Ex) US president. I don't see any difference in the colour of skin, both are in the Western culture. I think that racism is case by case. Because 2/3 of the world consists of Non-Western countries. In each country, there are racism and sexism, even if it is in the same race. The gap between Mr Obama's and Mr Trump's parties are two different paths of political guideline in the context of the USA, such as the American contemporary of "worker" and the American economy and the American historical tradition of "worker" and the American economy.

In their world politic as the US president, one's strategy had the starting of the feedback reaction, and the other one's had a endless historical refrain in the context of 20th century, both were toward and due to the 20-years war. The USA has no the royal, that is the same as Russland, but there is the value of the Western classical race, that is also the same as Russland, why?

If I see "Russian formalism", it was not so far from German at the time.

There are legal restrictions and provisions on what art is.

The keyword "time perception" is our orientation as being human.


Dear you,

Silence surrounds us, it drops into another space, transforming from one to another, will be memorized.
It connects, within another one. It is maybe the simulation of light.
One of the unlimited and minimalized worlds on earth probably exists beyond the notion of time, between us, silence around us.

Research question 

Dear you,

The notion of time lies in silence, is our being.
The environment is a world alive, wild, far in silence, is our world.

One day, we will return into this world.


Motion in silence is our strength, makes our life vividly.
The motion of time is light.
We perceive it as time and remember things and their events in the milieu.
In the milieu, we relate to others and affect each other.
We will grow, grow, grow autonomically, is a joy for us to open our world in the milieu.

In the opposed, high economic growth exploit us, self-exploitation, even if it is the side of the authority, likely it is eroded by cancer.
Dear you,
What is life? life is oneness,
Creativity in organic substance is not producing, but rather it is growing naturally, probably the light is love, to show the direction and gives the orientation in organic life.

Notion of time, its our being,


"Letter" - Emotional content, not cyborg, but rather to be organic individually, is uniqueness:


Just we see something as an object or an image, we don't be emotional generally. Just we recognise it. How we perceive it, it is individual. Each has individual living state, which is an unlimited and path of sensivility (sensibility+sensitivity).

Leitmotif of this research is "being human" in non-human society

If things are ugly, or moreover, if something wriggles in things, is it something in what?    

How and what do you listen to this sound and in this sound?

Research problem with Lukas Huisman in Variation I in the Corona pandemic condition, his instrument piano (clavier) is not for outdoor (natural environment). We must just wait for the end of corona infection spread measures between Germany and Belgium, because of the concert hall under the pandemic condition. (Variation I, I will perform with Lukas Huisman and Patrick Housen, after the corona variations pandemic in 2022.) I am exploring for clavier also.

As well with Varelio Sannicandro between France/Italy and Germany in Variation II, it is the same problem. However, I have been exploring his approach in his doctoral thesis within the project "Silence surround us, silence around us | X" practically, but from the aspect of the 21st century after Xenakis and Le Corbusier in the 20th century. After "Silence surround us, silence around us | X, I can join with them any time. From their (Xenakis and Le Corbusier) point on in the 20th century, I warped in the 21st century. A paper in Variation II, I write a draft and will write to finish this winter, and this winter, I will explore Variation III (Übergang/transition, crossing to the 21st century) with Max Eastley between United Kingdoms and Germany, are my cross- and interdisciplinary (Music and Visual arts) artistic research in the aspect of 20th century towards the 21st century, artistic research "Silence surrounds us, silence around us - Green X”.


(There is currently no possibility of funding for interdisciplinary experimental music in cooperation with abroad in Germany, we decided that we would end this cooperation (reproduction, production, application preparation) in the summer of 2021. I am researching his doctoral thesis, which I developed. Later I will write quotations in my essay on spatiality and spatial figure in Tradition and Contemporary European Music and Visual Art.)

I am, and work as an artist, between the Western culture and Non-Western culture, which is not in the Traditional context of art.


From threefoldness for multi-foldness

Zeitwahrnehumung / Time perception

For tomorrow 

"The contribution of our literary scholarship lies in the fact that it has focused sharply on the basic problems of literary criticism and literary study, first of all on the specificity of its object, that it modified our conception of the literary work and broke it down into its component parts, that it opened up new areas of inquiry, vastly enriched our knowledge of literary technology, raised the standards of our literary research and of our theorizing about literature effected, in a sense, a Europeanization of our literary scholarship…. Poetics, once a sphere of unbridled impressionism, became an object of scientific analysis, a concrete problem of literary scholarship ("Formalism V Russkom Literaturovedenii", quoted in Erlich, "Russian Formalism: In Perspective" 225)." 

This problem was in each culture in modernism.

Collective aeshtetic experience: Perception in the new notion -> a new sense -> Language -> Cultural evolution

Kant on the Aesthetic Ideas of Beautiful Nature

The British Journal of Aesthetics, ayab022, https://doi.org/10.1093/aesthj/ayab022
21 September 2021


For Kant the definitive end of art is the expression of aesthetic ideas that are sensible counterparts of rational ideas. But there is another type of aesthetic idea: ‘Beauty (whether it be beauty of nature or of art) can in general be called the expression of aesthetic ideas: only in beautiful nature the mere reflection on a given intuition, without a concept of what the object ought to be, is sufficient for arousing and communicating the idea of which that object is considered as the expression.’ What are these aesthetic ideas? I argue that Kant is drawing on the idealist conception of art, associated with Vasari, Bellori and Winckelmann, as presenting idealized spatial forms characteristic of natural kinds. He incorporates this conception into his analysis of the beauty of nature and adds that we have non-conceptual access to it. These idealized forms he names aesthetic normal ideas of natural species.

§51 of Kant’s Critique of the Aesthetic Power of Judgment opens with an unexpected claim, described by readers as ‘puzzling’, ‘perplexing’ and even as a ‘notorious mystery’.1

Beauty (whether it be beauty of nature or of art) can in general be called the expression of aesthetic ideas: only in beautiful art this idea must be occasioned by a concept of the object, but in beautiful nature the mere reflection on a given intuition, without a concept of what the object ought to be, is sufficient for arousing and communicating the idea of which that object is considered as the expression. (5:320)2

I will argue that, in this passage, Kant states that there are two types of aesthetic ideas—namely, aesthetic ideas expressed in beautiful art and aesthetic ideas expressed by beautiful nature. This distinction is surprising for, before this juncture, there is no explicit claim that there are different types of aesthetic ideas. In fact, although Kant offers several seemingly general characterizations of aesthetic ideas, in none of them does he indicate that there is a subdivision of the genus (see: 5:314, 5:315, 5:316, 5:342–344, 5:351). Noteworthy, too, is the claim that the distinct pleasure we take in beautiful nature is independent of concepts; for strikingly, it can be considered as the expression of what the passage above expressly calls ideas.

In his analysis of fine art, Kant draws the distinction between natural and artistic beauty—a distinction that is succinctly repeated in the passage above.3 But when he goes on to explicate the notion of an aesthetic idea (and of the aesthetic attributes that yield such ideas), he refers only to aesthetic ideas expressed in art. This fact is taken (at least implicitly) to support the assumption that aesthetic ideas are connected solely to art. This is the heart of the mystery of the passage, for in it, Kant explicitly talks about aesthetic ideas expressed by beautiful nature. This raises a crucial question: Does the explication of aesthetic ideas in the sections on art apply to aesthetic ideas of beautiful nature?

I maintain that the answer is negative. Although, in the passage above, Kant uses the same term in relation to both kinds of beauty, he has a clear distinction in mind: Beauty in art is an aesthetically or sensuously unified expression of the conceptual richness of an idea of reason; beauty in nature is an expression of a purely aesthetically or sensuously (non-conceptual) unified richness. Obviously, this distinction is connected to other significant differences between the two kinds of beauty. But it is important to point out at the outset that the two types of aesthetic ideas have in common only the quality of being a sensuously unified richness. It is in this sense that they are both species of a single genus. But what more precisely does Kant mean by aesthetic ideas expressed by beautiful nature, and what unified richness do they express and how precisely do they express it? It is to the historical genealogy of this notion of aesthetic ideas of beautiful nature and its implications for Kant’s theory of beauty that this paper is devoted. This historical genealogy will reveal a sense of the notion of aesthetic ideas that we easily overlook but would have been familiar to Kant and his contemporaries.

When All You Have is a Hammer: Surface/Depth as Good Comparison

Music Theory Spectrum, mtab008, https://doi.org/10.1093/mts/mtab008
30 August 2021


This article interrogates and reimagines the approach to reductive music analysis characterized by spatial metaphors (like “underlying” harmony). Such language portrays analysis as the process of discovering a structure “beneath” a piece’s “surface.” I argue that this picture downplays the multi-faceted, varied processes that go into creating musical reductions. Examining details of several different kinds of relationships between “surface” and “depth,” I show that while the traditional characterization is analytically apt in many cases, it encourages false equivalences in others. Borrowing Schoenberg’s description of music theory as being based in “good comparison,” I suggest that such an alternative conception might better suit some of our engagements with reductive analysis. Moreover, adopting this alternative might encourage different kinds of engagements, altering our perspective in a way that makes constructing reductions a much more flexible—and potentially more powerful—approach than has hitherto been the case.

Frequency range of audible sound:

Bird 200 - 8000 Hz

Human 20 - 20000 Hz


"Radio waves" are electromagnetic waves with frequencies of 3 million megahertz or less.

Higher frequencies (2GHz, 1.7GHz, etc.) used in mobile phones are similar to the nature of light.Also, low frequencies (such as 800MHz) resemble the nature of sound.




The ultra-high-frequency (UHF) band of the electromagnetic spectrum extends from 300 to 1000 MHz (1 GHz), and over that range wavelength decreases from 100 to 30 cm. The microwave band is considered to extend from the upper limit of the UHF band (1 GHz) to the lower limit of the millimeter region at 40 GHz.

-> The presidential election is not a popular vote.


I don't think it's an exaggeration that Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)'s activities had an important role in bringing to the end of the 20 Years War.  Without this international agreement the USA could not bring to the end of the 20-years war.

The crisis of World War III and nuclear war would have happened.


We do not have to inherit any philosophical and tradition and its formalism in artistic research.


The Postresearch Condition Postacademic research


The 2021 EARN/NWO Smart Culture Conference took place January 26 – 30, 2021. It was organized in collaboration with HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, NWO (Dutch Research Council), and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht.

The universe is the outer world, not "beyond" the world for us anymore in the 21st century. We live on the earth in the universe or into the universe. However, we can never know the whole of nature.

If a man asks me "Does God save a person?", my answer is maybe God is a reflection of the person's heart, but sometimes it is a projection to the person's heart. In neuroscience, it is "mind", heart is an expression literary.

A woman who has been suffering from the "pain" of her chronic illness for 20 years. She was baptized as a child, and when she grew up and withdrew from the church. But in pain, she asked God, "God, if you exist, ...", she told me that she heard the voice of God when she prayed on the bed. After then she was baptized again. The living is really painful for her, due to pain. I think that God has saved her from suicide and is showing her the way of life. God is not the power. If God is the one, it might be possible to be the authority, but if God is Zero, it might be possible to be transparent, it is up to your mind. Anyhow, she has "love" in her mind, in other words literally, she has love in her heart. In English, it expresses "God breathed into you the breath of life". If God is Zero, it might be possible the nature in the envrionment. In minimalism, One is not the one, because it is not towards God, but rather its Being is in the nature.

This woman is a model of "A weeping Woman" in my sound painting work N.N-Zwischenliegened - non-calculable space, time, and body. The idea of the sound composition N.N-Zwischenliegened - non-calculable space, time, and body came from Picaso's cubism, I articulate something.

-> However, what is different from 100 years ago is that modern German medicine and medical institutions are different. If it hurts so much, I think that treatment with the medicament neuroscienstifically. Also in Japan, the treatment method of the pain treatment department is related to neuroscience. In other words, although she will not recover, she had met a good doctor and the treatment is probably successful, is her luck. It may not be understandable her feeling for God to healthy young people. 

She is a German woman. She is an independent person as well as economically, who raised her child with her ex-husband from African countries by herself. She lives independently, she has a great relationship with her married son, grandchildren in Switzerland, her girlfriend and her mother in the senior retiretment home in Germany. They help her lovely.

I think her happiness is that she raised her child freely while fighting discrimination in the environment (milieu). She is a lovely person, her son is a very nice person and also lovely.