Notation for an electronic (acoustic and sonic) sound composition

a.o.i. - lasting memories, 2021/2022 for Green x (2022 –)

under construction

is an artistic research for the artistic projects a.o.i. - lasting memories, and Green x (2022–)

An electronic sound conposition

Olivine - a new notion in a sentence

For people in Unknown Language is an articulation for a new notion of language sense in terms of space, time and body.

1. The language is fluid, 

2. Sinne des Wortes und Imagination,

3. Nichts in being, is not an empty space,

The logic of imagination is a closed space, and through the association of each space will be transformed into another...

A new notion in a sentence

On third space between body and mind - the warp

in the context of DNA molecular biology

This visual score (notation) is still raw material. However it works as a notation.

My notation is flexible, When I/we play in 60 minutes, then it will be "slow" music. I will give the general tempo, which is not fixed.

In January 2022, the first version of electronic sound, notation and description will be finished for the cello. I will perform with Krischa Weber.

This piece is also for Dr. in Piano Performance Huisman a new, but this is in the context of Cage and Takemitsu today, after Cage and Takemitsu in the Western contemporary music composition. From this aspect, my notation is not a surprise which terms of Genome's.

Dr. in Piano Performance Huisman's context is rather Brahms's.

I don't listen to all compositions by Takahashi (as well as his CV, I don't see it yet.) yet, however, he is one of the young Japanese composers in the 21st century between Western and Non-Western culture, Tradition and Modernity in the Western music composition at the doctoral (in fine arts) level.

We overcame Toru Takemitsu's (as well as John Cage's) already, both were  important music composers in the post-war from the perspective of between Western and Non-Western culture, Tradition and Modernity in the Western music composition in the 20th century.

Postmodernism in the 20th century is a part of tradition today.

The drawbacks of postmodernism are complex but wasteful (Issue of materiality), costly and unsuitable for today's digital technology. In the digital age, it is a task, how we can solve the issue in the environment simply. Otherwise, humans could not reach mars.

However, the problems arose that there is the same as German Nazism 100 years ago. If one can't do mathematics, it's the same ideology through fascism in the 2othe century. One thinks for "erase" by a simple calculation.

We humans in the 21 century must study and study. -> Openness