Surrealism and Nonsense-art in post-materiality


Research topic of "creativity"

Joseph Nechvatal

Adriana Knouf,  TX-1, 2020

An original recording material of an interview with Joseph Nechvatal by the Deutschlandfunk Kultur in 2021 from Joseph Nechvatal to Erika Matsunami

Joseph Nechvatal talked about "freedom", which was his relationship with the art in himself in the interview by Deutschlandfunk Kultur in 2021. Thereby, what I thought on freedom, that is about the liberation from "images" in capitalism, which is the same as with the liberation of historical slavery. (A very short essay by me is in the works) -> A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (French: Mille plateaux) is a 1980 book by the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the French psychoanalyst Félix Guattari.

-> Introduction

His concept of projection

Nonsense-art, in my artistic research, I mention an artwork of a kind of mathematical expression without context. I can see the difference between the age of DADA, refers to Wittgenstein, and in post-materiality.

I explore matematics of space and time, and its materiality, in the artwork of Knouf, it is called information theory.


My artwork (of digitalized and digital photography), also Nechvatal's are through digitalization informational in post-materiality. Why I work with photography, not as a cameraman, is because it is for my study of information theory in post-materiality. Principally, It is the same with Nechvatal's through AI.

Digitalized and digital images are information in post-materiality.

My suggestion makes political sense, it means that we need to know and exchange, what we are, how different is in each individuality, what is human subjectivity and objectivity. Without this dispute of own procedure, we cannot change racism. Humans have a "prejudice" because our views are narrow. We cannot learn much from the act of only seeing of an object, thereby it requires "reflection".

In my suggestion, after the talk by the artist, we can discuss with Thomas Fuchs (Neuroscientist).

What about these topics, I am thinking in the context of body, that is about chromosome and hormone. Its time and space, as well as body, into body.

Historically, sex chromosomal abnormalities, as well as transgenders, were not strange, and their lives were destined to be fragile. Thereby, my thought of keywords is hormone. I think that it is the relationship of XY that appears in men, more than in the case of female body (sex chromosome).

These days, the numbers on the medical test might be possible to show us which cases the person is ethically sensitive (at the mental level, psychology) and which is physically sensitive. Some of them are both sensitive. In the case of physically sensitive, e.g. person has the obvious limitation of capacity organically.

-> Question for relaxing

I am researching it (artwork) in molecular biology, but today without information theory, we cannot study.
I don't find the artwork and artist who grasps biology at the level of molecular biology in the human sense yet.
So, I am exploring it in writing. Knouf gave me an idea through her workshop, that is writing and its materiality.

Contemporary art, Nonsense in art, DNA as a blueprint of life, Topics from own life experience, Sensibility


At the end of the 20th century, the art refused to be touched, interfered with, and to be appreciated, after then, now, I am reading these two artworks by Nechvatal and Knouf. The artwork by Knouf is still young, and it is still unknown.

DADA, Surrealism, Postmodern, Nonsense in art, Automation of writing in surrealism by robotic arm through A.I., Topics from own life experience, Sensibility


Projection and Reflection

Queer theory and ethics

On representational art theory and non-representational art theory

-> When he/she knew the necessity of the operation, it was the decision of the crystallization of his/her genome for the next generation.

So what I am considering is the desire for human reproduction as a continuation of the gene.

I thought, that in the case of,  she has three sex chromosomes. (even if, she has more chromosomes, this topic of the crystallization of his/her genome for the next generation is the same in my thought.)

Between USA and France during 1990s, seeing today's from the perspective of the 20th century.

Her artwork, if it is in the context of minimalism, without study we cannot see essentially, that were only three small pieces. But how we see "things" and "events" in our surround, that is in the context of minimalism today, without knowing and studying, we can never understand own environment "in where I am being.".  The understanding of "transgender" in gender study without study of molecular biology, we cannot understand, and cannot see anything.

For workshop

To study in and with human sense, in this sense (experience), we can create a play collectivity.

For example, Nechvatal's artwork which is representational in his sound composition or in visual component on a two-dimensional surface? Do I see or listen? or read? My attention to his artwork is not for his high technological system.

For example, a process of becoming infected and crazy, he sues the danger visually, as well as in his sound composition. It is a political artwork. I'm rather scared of the reaction of the mass media and social media by the popular movement automatically.

-> Topic of DNA as a blueprint of body.

Artistic research project a.o.i. - lasting memories (2020 –)

My research problem is in the context of art and technology, its robotic science, which I mentioned already with the paper by the neuroscience research in the technology, that limitation.
My research refers to science but medical science from a critical aspect.

Question for spatiality, identity, and coexistence

Why does engineering must "an academic art"?

This is a bad habit of Western academic art since Da Vinci. - Art and Weapon, using the freedom of expression. freedom of expression must be literary, not mechanical development as the centre of research.

The objective(s) of art and technology is/are e.g Game for enjoyment, which refers to the exploration in ethics.

An artistic researcher in the context of academy/art academy is better an independent professional artist, who is a member of society. That is difficulty with the artists in the transformation countries, however, UNESCO has been organising in each country, art and culture, and educational purpose.

In-between of American contemporary music and European contemporary music in the context of European renaissance and Anglo-American analytic philosophy of art:

Gottfried Michael Koenig's 95th birthday

-> So, I can solve the research issue in the artistic research Variation towards Avant-Garde, 'What is Avant-Garde in the contemporary art and the contemporary philosophy of art?'.