Space composition II



Draft for an interactive site-specific installation for the kids at the school, Germany

Draft II (2021)

This artistic research is the study of ecology in the sense through art. "Ecology is the process by which organisms interact with each other and their environment, with the environment as a stage and ecology as the performance." (Ecology: A Very Short Introduction, Jaboury Ghazoul, Oxford: OUP, 2020)

On the subject of "interaction" from the aspect of ecology, there are gaps between physical phenomenon and virtual phenomenon, between our sense (perception, cognition and recognition) and measurement, the fact what that is. (Normative and Normativity)

What is the fact? Thereby, I attempt to solve this question through art in the artistic research "Silence surrounds us, silence around us" – X.

The artistic intervention is a recognized art form and an important art form, we artists can explore it further.

steel pressing(stamping)

A combination with the interaction as a play

This is a starting point of this draft Maquette II for coding a virtual space.

Artistic exploring (Raffinierung)

Maquette concept II:

Working process and maquette for the spatial installation Silence surround us, silence around us - X

Exploring artistic methods, as well as artistic techniques for AI and robots for manufacturing/producing (Nobody can work with steel without robots and engineering for construction with stone). The idea of mass production from modernism would be probably the end slowly. For example, today, we can rent a personal computer, so, we don't need to buy our own PC in each new update. When you buy a new down jacket, the old one will be purchased for a few per cent of your purchase for recycling in the same shop (e.g. a system of Uniqlo), as you like, wheter you want to have a one for a long time, or  you want to according to the situation. They are consumables.

For those who want to make it by hand in the handicraft industry, it is as it is. However, complicated structures and large scale ones are difficult. However, everything is case by case. So, we can combine and create variations – sharing and caring in community regionally, globally and autonomically through the communication

by paper

by steel

Erea equation and more, which is based on geometory

Silence surrounds us, silence around us – X is on projection and reflection by the sun, its space, time and body include human time-perception from the aspect of molecular biology.

A = πxy

materiality, construction, engineering

Project topic: Visible and invisible space (on spatiality)

Projection of the process (natural phenomenon) and reflection of the objective and subjective sense of time 

Subject: projection and reflection (for creativity)

between Tradition and Modernity

A new start: for the exhibition from 2022 (in the works)

Subjectivity and Objectivity

Objectivity and Subjectibity

-> a gap between positive and dispositive

Ein Ausgangspunkt dieses Entwurfs ist die Zeichnung für die künstlerische Forschung und das Kunst-Projekt Green x (2022 –) „Ur-Idee (original idea)" im Jahr 2021. Das ist eine kosmologische Idee, die jedoch in Verbindung mit der Erde steht. Der Entwurf (Maquette) entstand aus der physikalischen Idee, die Dynamik in der Zeichnung komprimierte in die Räumlichkeit (spatiality) des Ortes, und schließlich wird sie durch die Spiegelung (Reflektion) des Himmels und der Umgebung (Environment) auf der Oberfläche der Installation transformiert, um die Idee phänomenologisch in den Ort umgewandelt zu lassen.

Maquette concept III:


Working process and maquette for the spatial installation Green x (2022–):

Exploring artistic methods, as well as artistic techniques.


Draft III (2021–2022)

Differentiation area equation is based on Leibniz Na Newton's equation (From calculus method via linear algebra to topology), which refers to Hilbert spaces and on the topic of between virtual space and physical space.

Furthermore, Green x (2022 –) will be added the cosmological space, time and body which has a connection with the earth ecologically, on the environment.

On Material (materiality) of the Installation in regards to the issue of virus:


Consideration and philosophical contemplation of spatial installation after the spread of corona infection, thereby philosophical contemplation is objective research in each place by each country mathematically and commonly.

Since the spread of corona infection, medical institutions in Germany such as clinics have the measures to eliminate indoor plants and eliminate the cause of infection. This is to prevent nosocomial infections.

I have been researching in artistic research „Silence surrounds us, silence around us – x" for Green x (2022–) on the environment, including microorganisms, as well as from the aspect of molecular biology in ecology.
-> As the experience, in the case of Hiroshima, after the dropping atomic bomb in 1945.

I think that structural recombination by artificial articulation (for example, genetic modification) is equal to the limit of evolution. The virus sars-cov-2 shows us "What is evolution?" at the molecular biology level.

In this installation maquette III, my main research focus is on the environment and plant transplantation. (I have a collaborator/adviser Alexei Gross who is a dipl.-ing. landschaftsarchitekt/company in Berlin, Germany) My task is the work on the concept transdisciplinary and profoundly (I have to give the documents for the professional presentation, when Gross can understand them, it will possible to work in the world, because of the notation. How can we artists create the notation in the digital age? The notation might be possible like an image of Inka's if it has the function of. That is one of our communication in the digital age.).

(After the corona pandemic, in particular artists, we work in the context of installation (physical space), which requires mathematics. I dealt with the aspect of "seeing" as an aesthetical intervention in maquette II. After the corona pandemic in 2020, we learned the perception of the attitude 'One does not touch in the object.'. In the context of aesthetics, there are explored two different types of "touch" considerations in our sense; one is a communication between humans, and human and animals, or nature. Another one is an attitude of  'One does not touch in the object.'–distance.

-> Olivine - a new notion in a sentence (Silence surrounds us, silence around us – x) -> Practical exploring model x 1

A = ∫dA

In the solar galaxy, there is the inevitability that the earth needed to be formed through oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Green x (2022–)

-> decentralization

Artistic researches Variation and Silence surrounds us, silence around us, which artistic researches I started at the first lockdown in 2020 in Berlin, and since then, I have been exploring in the connection with many other artists and researchers for the after Corona Pandemic Green x (2022–) transdisciplinary (internationally) and profoundly.

-> A literal understanding of Wittgenstein's is as an articulation methodically in the literature, but from the aspect of mathematics is not the same.–A gap in reality such as between equations in mathematics in the natural dynamic and expression in the literature.

Personally, I like the notion of Wittgenstein, which is wonderful, which is not a pragmatic aspect, but rather emotional, that we call 'beauty' logically. -> for matchanic and its function.

That is an aim of the artistic research „Silence surrounds us, silence around us -X“.

My artistic challenge is the concept, but I work on between virtual and physical spaces for creating something 'x'.