I would first like to thank my main supervisor Dr. Anna Scott. Her great knowledge and expertise has been of immense value to this project. The insightful and thorough feedback has elevated my project and greatly developed me as an artistic researcher. Also, thank you for correcting, polishing and developing my English grammar.


I would also like to thank my secondary supervisor Prof. Tone Åse for helping me to navigate through the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, and for the valuable discussions and meetings we had. Thank you for also including me in the artistic research community at NTNU. 


Many thanks to the Faculty of Humanities and The Department of Music at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway for giving me the opportunity to realize this research project.


Also, many thanks to Carl Haakon Waadeland, professor emeritus at NTNU, for supervising me in his last year before retirement, and for also helping me on the long journey in the application process.


A huge thanks to:


Magnus Kofoed

Valkyrien Productions and Sverre Btandtzæg

Magnus Biringvad

Espen Bye

Toni Kotka


Thank you to Ringve Museum and Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, Norway for allowing us to film at your locations.


Finally, I would especially like to thank my wonderful wife, Rannveig Ryeng, who has not only been of invaluable support these years, but also taken a key role in this research project - and for our two lovely daughters, Sigrid and Gunnhild. 

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