Moving without moving the body.

The body that moves without moving itself is crossing a large geographical plane. The qualities of the movements here are swaying, wobbly, bumpy, trembling, shaky and smooth. The body is not moving but moved. Various forces caused by the change of the material plane on which the movement takes place is one of the factors, which produces a body which seeks a balance constantly. Moving without moving the body exceeds the capacities of the body in terms of velocity. This body is fast. This body defies gravity temporarily reaching heights, which are beyond bodily skills. This transfroming body gets extra-length for its hurried steps sliding on an escalators through the luxurious landscapes covered with steel, cement, vinyl and plastic while leaping over national borders. These bodies together form a teeming organism on the geographical surface, it is gathered and scattered. Adapting and organizing into the various circumstances the micro-movements of the body with the smooth macro-movements on a planetary plane, this process of transportation creates a quivering web on earth. Buses, planes, cars, boats, trains, metros inhabiting clusters of bodies: opening doors swallowing human flesh in order to open again and again letting the wobbly masses float forward in this organism -like machine which leaves behind nothing but an odour of human body. These are the evaporating traces.


 The bodies of workers, students, businessmen and -women and tourists in proximity with various spatial orientations create a multidirectional invisible net. How to grasp the immaterial direction ? Orbital satellites are giving the gps-coordinates, but silent intimate dialogues are done in order to avoid collisions. The process of recognizing a tiny shift on a weight from foot to another are minute, pelvises leaning, hipjoints rotating, kneejoints flexing, the weight carried by manifold joints of the foot, sides and chests rising up and down in seconds when directions are changed based on the interpretation of the information from this invisible net. Bodies are surrounded by movements that move. Contracts, agreements, nods, sighs and trollies between drifting bodies without anchors to this plane of transportation.


(notes 16.6, Research Pavilion, Venice)


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app. 80 km / h

app. 820 km / h

app. 0,5 m/s


app. 40 km/h

app. 7 - 20 km / h

17.6. tool study



A choreographic video-gesture in the art-exhibition of the Research Pavilion.


Making date: 6.5.2015



Hiding is a series of context-conditioned video-works where a group of people hide themselves. The people who are hiding are relevant for the chosen hiding place and the context. Hiding -series is an attempt to shift a viewer’s perception about the chosen place with one simultaneous but multidirectional choreographic intervention on the site. This work springs from my artistic-research called Contextual Choreography.  


Hiding place 1 re-visited.


Date: 16.6.2015

Hiding place 2 re-visited


Date: 16.6.2015