I recorded in the lobby of the Zetra Ice Rink on an early afternoon in April when there were no visitors, only staff. The room noise is energetic here, choppy and thick rather than calm and infinite. Construction noise bursts into the interior space. However, the microphone of the recording device picks it up as it is: equal in volume to the room noise. The noise of the empty room is deafening, almost a cacophony. Sonically, this is not a bastion-under-siege-by-the-world-outside but more like a force that is molding the urban environment to its will. Throughout, CBS broadcasts images for American audiences that draw upon the symbolism of the Sarajevo Olympics, attaching calls for aid, to cease fighting, or to remember the past and displaying imagery of war and devastation focused especially on the symbolic dichotomy of the past glory of the 1984 Olympic sites and their present destruction (Eastman, Brown and Kovatch 1996).

Zetra Ice Rink, Anteroom, April 2019