This recording was made in the late afternoon while I was waiting for the evening train. The heat was heavy, and there were people around the station. Even though it was open, few were inside. I meandered around the entrance and inside the station to kill time. 


In the recording, it feels as if the listener is zooming past the birds, dogs, and horns. This energy bursts into a few moments of calm. It reveals a contrast between focused activity and abandonment, characterizing the train station’s split identity. There is also a dichotomy between the interior (calm and ambient) and the exterior (dense and charged) spaces. However, at moments it becomes more ambiguous: which one is actually the inside? 


Pristina at the time of recording was marked by intense construction. These are often very immediate rather than distant sounds. They sound close to the body; both the sounds and silences are physically direct.

Pristina Train Station (defunct),

March 2019