Digital photographic narrativity and a reflection on the camera eye in the environment, add to the auditory narrativity.

Artistic research: N.N-Ziwschenliegend – a progressive investigation into erros / eine fortlaufende Untersuchung zu Fehlern

working in progress


Stillleben/Still life (This is a manuscript Stillleben/Still life for a contribution, which is not for the public, just in private.)


Green x (2022 Winter –)




Time and Space







Introduction of this exposition Silence surrounds us, silence around us -X :


My artistic research is practice-based research in traversal aesthetics, in which the Fine Arts academic discipline is visual study and musicology. In my research, I am not out of the field of study that I have studied at the Berlin University of the Arts. Traversal aesthetics have no "thing" or no "event" for the presenting or demonstrating of "This is transversal aesthetics." which relates to the subject of "time and space" objectivity and subjectivity. For this reason, traversal aesthetics is an academic research discipline in terms of neuroscience.

Aesthetics is an academic study of human knowledge based on our emotions, which is sometimes philosophically and sometimes towards philosophy from the critical aspects.

What is 'emotion' for us humans? Why 'emotion' is an important intelligence for us humans? What is 'creativity' for us humans? Why those are important foundations of our knowledge?