Tuesday 31 May 2022, 14.30 - 15.30

Location: Stairwell of Abo Akademi 

Details of exploration:


Below is the overall 'score' or series of prompts that were used for structuring an experiment in collective reading in a public space. A reading practice exploring the sounding of voices over five floors of the building, the horizontal register of market square shifted to a vertical register.


Prompt: Find a place on one of the landings of the stairwell. At a designated moment, begin reading the texts you had written in the morning session aloud, beginning with ‘What is Agreed Upon’. Allow spaces for silence and for listening to the others’ reading. Continue until you reach the end of the text, then remain silent.

To the right is documentation of this exploration. 

Prompt: Reading of "What is agreed upon?"

Location: Stairwell of Abo Akademi Vasa

Duration: 20 minutes duration approx