A rambling physiology of the eyes 

    by Irene Cantero Sanz




Esto es

Espacio de trabajo

Estudio virtual


Una fisiología divagatoria del ojo

por Irene Cantero Sanz




This is

A work space

A virtual studio


Dale al PLAY a varios videos a la vez, por favor, están pensados para que su visión sea fragmentada y solapada.

If the videos do not PLAY automatically, please, PLAY some of them at the same time, it is meant to be a fragmented, overlaped experience. 

can a treatise, a study of functions or phenomena be erratic, meandering while searching for its own constitution?

Feminist objectivity is about limited location and situated knowledge, not about transcendence and splitting of subject and object. It allows us to become answerable for what we learn how to see. These are lessons that I learned in part walking with my dogs and wondering how the world looks without a fovea and very few retinal cells for color vision but with a huge neural processing and sensory area for smells.

Donna Haraway

a brief statement:


I understand "artistic" as describing a way of seeing, of understanding, of doing that is inevitably traversed by the political, the empirical, the experiential, the philosophical, the sensorial, the somatic, the phenomenological… Life, daily routine, art practice and currently also death constitute an amalgam where I coexist. I respectfully overlap conversations, readings, talks, letters, maps, movement explorations, drawings, and other layers of information to configure or re-configure a performative scape for considering and investigating what senses we may convene as entry points to reality. 

The observer stops and observes even while dancing. She is patient, in my mind the observer is related to duration and insistence. Sometimes she is distant. 


The accompanier is one of my favourite eyes and one I visit the most. Being there, by your side or behind, not even being seen a lot sometimes. Dancing on the edge of the spot where the light becomes dissolved.


The translator, the word translation comes from the Latin: traductio, -onis –it means the action of moving from one point to another–. Finding ways of joining those points, making them resonate; as Mika Elo says beautifully here:


The work of translation brings out something that I am inclined to call the “hospitality” of a language, making it resonate and urging it to sense itself through the other.


The lantern has supernatural abilities, she can make visible or invisible what she decides/desires. So, she often finds herself in dealing with ethical questions.

It matters what matters we use to think other matters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, what descriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties. It matters what stories make worlds, what worlds make stories.  


Staying with the trouble

Donna Haraway

Super luna Julio 2022

Super moon  July 2022

Photos by Mª Eugenia Serrano

observations and experiments