Notation, Drawing, Graphic, Composition (virtual spatiality)

A. Untitled I a.o.i. - lasting memories

An artistic project, work in flow

Solo Exhibition on body, 16 –19 February 2023

Improvisation-Performance in the spatial installation with Chris Dahlgren (Jazz composer, instrumentalist), Erika Matsunami (electronics)*

D. Geometrische Ansichten

Spatial installation

Exhibition, 2023

C. Green x



work in progress


Spatial installation (physical spatiality)

B. Untitled II Stillleben/Still life


for people in the future

introduction :

The starting point of Artistic research Untitled* is with two books. One is Martin Supper's, which book I explored between 2008–2012, and other one is Bence Nanay's, which book I explred between 2016–2019.

Since 2020, I explore them cross and interdisciplinary practically and theoretically.

– Ich spiele mit dem Wissen aus der 21te Hundert Jahre, bzw. Ich organisiere und gestallte das Spiel mit dem Wissen.
Das ist meine Aufgabe als Künstlerin.

Art is anarchy without god-head, but my knowledge is (un-) limited.

How to functionalize it virtually, whether industrial commoning or?


On the design in this exposition: the visual composition and components without hierarchy in the exposition Untitled*, My artistic approach is, how can the method of fine arts process information. Thereby, the form itself is not the main subject of the visual composition.


Articulation: in theoretical exploration, the alphabet is the main subject. This is a proposal on how to develop from logic (as a methodology) to a thesis by articulation. The research question here is, “Does art become knowledge?”, and if art will become knowledge, “What kind of knowledge is it?” In practical inquiry, articulation is not limited to the alphabet. This is an experimental articulation of the phonetics of my native language hiragana (Japanese) and the alphabet of “x” for the probability of “y”. That means, for a composition of discrete random variables of the spatial installation. Thereby, circle geometry works methodically. The research question is “What is geometry in art?”.


The implementation of an artistic intervention of Untitled I a.o.i. – lasting memories in the context of interior architecture will take place in a space, that is frei-raum.berlin in Berlin. The performance by Chris Dahlgren (Bass (Contrabass, E-Bass, or other Bass i.e. like Cage, he used the object, not musical instruments.), Viola da Gamba)* and Erika Matsunami (Electronics) in the spatial mono 4ch discrete spatial sound installation, as well the artists talk in the program. The exhibition duration is from 16 to 19 February 2023.

The projects are implementations in the social context that explore new artistic representational methods, which is work in progress.
The research objectives are, “Something x in a new sentence” and its social, cultural, and ecological diversity and sustainability. 


Artistic research Untitled* is practise-based artistic research that deals with the exploration of geometry in drawing, notation and sound composition (virtuality), and spatial installation and performance (physicality).

Its spatiality will be explored in the context of visual arts and architecture in terms of the cross-disciplinarity between Music and visual arts, that is, through an intervention between the two disciplines of visual arts and music towards architecture (design) methodically.

Abstract :

Es ist klar, daß sich die Ethik nicht aussprechen läßt.


Die Ethik ist transcendental.


(Ethik und Aesthetik sind eins.)3

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Art is anarchy without god-head,

Advanced practical research Untitled II Stillleben/Still life

Untitled I and Untitled II are parallel research on space and time, and body

Research Time Sequence


Corona pandemic

Silence surrounds us, silence around us

Variations I

Digital Online Practical Research

Variations II

Theoretical Exploring

Practical Exploring

Silence surrounds us, silence around us - X


Variations III

Silence surrounds us, silence around us - on creativity in communication



Corona pandemic

Variations III