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Visual 2

Visual 1

Visual 3

Practical exploring on articulation

Collective time sequence

Sound 3

Single time sequence - Mono


Frequency can describe variable, such as fixed or freely or wavy

Theory of Relativity in six sentences

4. Time is the 4th Dimension.


Sounds are variable

- in and out of a tone (a long sequence)

- continuous a same tone

- continuous different tones

and so on

Time of sounds are variable

Sound 1

Sound 2


Circle Geometry

I am designing this site currently, how to express the relation and connection between topics simply and encode with mathematical symbols these topics visually.

Each text will describe in a sentence, and there is an extra page for 'explanation'.


Topological space


Research objectives in this practical exploration are for creating a composition from a new perspective of 'something'.

Graphics (Notations)

Spatial installation