Untitled II Stillleben/Still life


Here, I am referring to the ethics of "Digital Humanity", that we (humans) explore in industrial countries, such as the ethics for gaming and communicating online.

There are two narratives here. One is the review written about the movie and the pictures of Liza's daily life in Ukraine. Both events were digital experiences to me, one is by reading and another one is by seeing and writing.

Specifically, I will write about the narrative on the next page.

The things, I described and designed simply that, are the objects, the relationships between the objects, and the time. The event is in this space.

Keywords: transversality, subjectivity and objectivity, spatiality, time and space, virtuality and reality

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biology and ecology towards posthumanism from the critical aspect.


Liza in Odesa and me in Berlin:

We were talking and working on Stillleben /Still life through the internet until October 10, when Russia launched a missile attack on Odessa.

That same day, Liza sent me an email requesting that I stream the video.
The video could not be streamed on Facebook because the music copyright is illegal.
It was sent by email, not Liza's bidet. The content, of course, was a video protesting the Russian missile attack.
Another possibility, it had no choice but to distribute the video via email address.

The video was a message asking Ukraine to procure weapons. However, given that it is not an official Ukrainian government video and that Odesa is very close to Russian military territory, I have cut off email contact with Liza.

Lisa's due date was October 15th.
I advised Liza to go to the hospital rather than solidarity to procure Ukrainian weapons. There is a shelter in the basement of her hospital.

However, both I and Liza were almost upset and crazy because of the shock. Today's communication is synchronous, so for me, it was the same shock as the Russian missiles bombing Alexanderplatz.

Since October 10th, I am still in a state of shock. This global electronic communication phobia runs deep.

Both Liza's parents and her husband's parents are solid people. As well as Ukrainian government has organised internationally.

Liza and I have talked about evacuating to Moldova. From Turkey, she can also go to Japan. She has told me that if she needs a personal relationship for her stay in Japan, she will contact me, as well as together with her husband and baby.
My mother has a house in the countryside, which is empty.

I said to her, probably I have to visit my family in Japan this winter, so it will maybe be possible to catch them in Japan. And I will apply for them, their living expenses in Japan legally.
But one problem is, in Ukraine, all male Ukrainians from 20 years also to 60 years old are not allowed to leave Ukraine. Liza did not want to be separated from her Husband. She wanted to stay with her husband in Ukraine, and she never leaves from her family in Odesa, that is her 'will'. And I have to support her.
Since Summer, we have been very dramatic, even now too.


Three young Ukrainian women lived downstairs in my flat. They were refugees fleeing a Russian military attack on Ukraine. One of them was Liza.

I am really apolitical person, what I am doing, is just helping my friend Liza in Odesa, Ukraine.

We met by chance this summer in Berlin on the  stairs at my house where I am living in Berlin.

They were bright, positive, and cheerful, also strong girls who were determined to return to their families in the summer. They had nothing to sympathize with, they were straightforward, simple, and independent. They were also apolitical like me, just want to stay together with her families in Odesa, Ukraine. Odesa is her home and her beauty.

Liza was my first Ukrainian girlfriend.

The communists do not like me, because I am private, not for everyone.

So, I do not want to tell anyone anymore.

I will be a bird.

What I saw Ukraine through Liza and Ukraine through journalism are totally different.
I wanted to show people, what I saw Ukraine through Liza during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

"Right to live" thereby is a protest towards Russia's condemnation and aggression against Ukrainian.

So, I do not want to tell anyone anymore.


I will be a bird.




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All stories have an end and a beginning.

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Digital humanities is a new study of a platform between computer science and humanities. However, it is still in the Anglo-American and Eurocentric aspects of the global digital world.

The computer language is Alphabet centred language, which is based on the English language system.

Criticism of Ukraine on social media was about high prices and a recession by individuals. However, that's what Russia caused.

Without Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, this change would not have happened in the world.

For the communists, I am like a fiend in Europe, because I support Ukraine, but that's what Russia caused.



How do you solve this problem with the people who surround you, specifically on social media?

The problem is such territorialisation and identity of.

For me, how can I visualise them?

problem-solving game, not a win-lose game, crerativity for problem-solving

tolerance and agreement

Actually, virtue is also one of reality, but the level at which something is happening as fact is physical space.

Economic change

Time is the 4th Dimension.