Untitled I a.o.i. - lasting memories

I design this site currently, how to express the relation and connection between topics simply and encode these topics visually.

All stories have an end and a beginning.

Buddhism is a transversal aesthetics as philosophy, it is an Asiatic mentality, which is not only in Japan as well as in Korea.

When my lover dies, after his/her death, he/her will be wind and he/her will be around me.

When my father lived, he did not stand by me, however, after he died, he is surrounding me as wind.

That is a little bit sentimental, but it is the Asian culture.

A friend of mine is a Korean filmmaker, who lives and works in Canada currently. He had a degree MFA from The California Institute of the Arts, USA. His friend at The California Institute of the Arts, who was an American contemporary artist, and video artist died in 2020. He created the film 'Wind', which was dedicated to him, an American contemporary artist, and video artist, who had left us impressive artworks. He was one of the scholars at the DAAD Berliner Artist Program. We are the same generation, we have the same historical background in the USA, Japan and South Korea.

In death, regardless of age, we have to see off the death of our loved ones many times.

And someday, I will have to deal with the death that comes to me.

It may be sudden.

Every time I learn about the situation in the world where living is hell in some situations, I wonder what civilization is for.

One such event is the abuse and massacre of Ukrainian civilians by the Russian military.

My family is a big family and since the year 2000 I have picked up the bones of how many family members, organized their bones together with others, organized their lives and written them down?
Did I sort out the history of their lives?
Thereby, I learned the piece of human history which consists of thousands of bones.

How many times did I puzzle the pieces of her and his memories?

I dedicate „a.o.i. - lasting memories“ to the people who cannot meet again, but they surround us.


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