reposition invites you to reposition yourselves and encourages turns in action and reflection, of settings and their contexts.

Initiated by Alexander Damianisch, head of Support Art and Research, and supported by Wera Hippesroither and relating to existing potentials at our institution, this endeavour embarks on bringing together the wide variety of research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and reflects on an ongoing culture of editorial structures for research in Arts and Sciences. Based on a call for papers, reposition collects positions from ongoing processes. It offers researchers of all disciplines and departments at the University of Applied Arts Vienna the opportunity to publish their work according to peer-review principles. Colleagues of any level and doctoral students in arts and sciences are invited to share their work. This series showcases their diverse approaches to project-oriented research work and presents current insights, captivating research processes, and ongoing projects from a deeply personal perspective that courageously unearth the work-in-progress.

Following the research profile of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, reposition seeks positions that, as current evidence of an ongoing process, and in contrast to other disciplines, provide neither “true” nor “false” results, and whose qualities lie above all in the critical and subjective examination of a topic. The idea of reposition is to emphasise dynamic approaches that demonstrate the courage to adopt alternative perspectives and a focus that lies always on a dialogue in-between. In this sense, you are invited to relate and reposition yourself together with us.

ISSN: 2960-4354 (Print) 2960-4362 (Online)