reposition #2 Call for Papers

Submissions by April 30 to

We are looking for contributions from Angewandte researchers from all disciplines that offer current insights and document project progress. Colleagues of any level and doctoral students in arts and sciences are invited to share their work. In addition, submissions that have not yet received adequate forms of presentation are encouraged.

About the journal: reposition offers researchers of all disciplines and departments at the Angewandte the opportunity to publish their work according to peer-review principles. This series showcases their diverse approaches to project-oriented research work and presents current insights, captivating research processes, and ongoing projects from a deeply personal perspective that courageously unearth the work-in-progress. The idea of reposition is to emphasise dynamic approaches that demonstrate the courage to adopt alternative perspectives and a focus that lies always on the dialogue between actors and disciplines.

reposition authors will receive peer feedback from international experts, a professional translation into English (if needed) and editorial support throughout the entire publication process. The results are presented in print and digitally (open access).

In short:

  • submission deadline: April 30
  • reposition is looking for presentations of current research in a media-appropriate form and welcomes multimedia submissions with videos, drawings, sound files etc.
  • submitted text length: approx. 10 pages
  • if accepted, submissions must be formatted according to the reposition stylesheet and revised based on the peer reviewer’s feedback
  • submissions are possible in German and English, German texts are professionally translated
  • collaborations between Angewandte main authors and external co-authors are possible

Contact information and for further questions:

ISSN: 2960-4354 (Print) 2960-4362 (Online)