The research objective of Urban Hub:

The non-resource as a shared resource (for example, 'air', 'light', 'wind') is a methodological way of re-thinking on 'space'. (Exploration)

If we can share these non-resources "air", "light", and "wind" within the concept of space methodologically, then it may be possible to change the urbanity1/Urbanität –I call it Urbanic space– as well as our habits in everyday life.

-> (Natural science/Ecology and Art, Art in Natural science/Ecology)

1.In Latin the word referred originally to the view of the world from ancient Rome.



- Urban choreography (gesture) in artistic research Urban Hub, Erika Matsunami
Urban choreography is a cognitive-based concept as the gesture in design, that applies to disability in city life also –the possibility of communication for barrier-free play in the design


AbstractArtistic research Urban Hub is focused on materiality and its semiotics and the construct of syntax from the aspect of cognitive linguistics. The research fields are architecture, visual arts and music.
Research methods are thereby interventional between different disciplines and work in progress.
In doing so, artistic research Urban Hub in cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary between Architecture and Visual arts+Music aims for an innovative artistic approach that emerges from the real space.

The research objective is on the topic of "well-being" as a common in design, that addresses Wittgenstein's theoretical exploring ontologically and epistemologically. The research is methodologically interdisciplinary in connection with the perspective of cognitive neuroscience (on the body) transdisciplinary.

The artistic research Urban Hub addresses the environmental issues and human coexistence from the aspect of communication in the environment such as in urban space from the aspect of critical theory.
It is an exploranation of Barriere-free (for the possibility of communication) spatial aesthetic in urban space "Urban choreography (gesture)" practically, which adresses artistic intervention in public space. Thereby, the artistic intervention in the context of this artistic research Urban Hub aims for the procedure of the natural way of the integration.

Reflection and re-thinking of conceptual architecture in the post-conceptual era, on urbanism, sustainability, barrier-free, and communication:


Practical exploring:

Barriere-free (for the possibility of communication) spatial aesthetic in urban space "Urban choreography (gesture)"


Theoretical exploring:


Artistic research project(s):






Art project Wonderland is an advanced exploration of the artistic research N.N-Zwischenliegend - a progressive investigation into errors/eine fortlaufende Untersuchung zu Fehlern

On the topic of 'biosphere' in terms of Ecology through the analogue photography and natural science towards extended reality

I involved/involve Braille in my artworks which are in the project B.O.D.Y. - the second skin (Artistic research B.O.D.Y. - Between auditory fiction and Body-reality) and Wonderland in 2023 for commoning 'Braille' at the cognitive level in for the communication through the artworks.

How I involve Braille is an exploration in this artistic research of practical exploring.

How can I communicate my photographic work to blind people?
How can I convey my compositional works to deaf people?
These are my artistic challenges in this exposition.


On Urban Hub

A starting point of the notion (from two disciplines of sculpture/fine arts and architecture) of public space

- In sculpture/fine arts historically

- In the architecture historically

- In the contemporary art



Ecological (domained) organisational idea based space design (spatial aesthetics), Erika Matsunami

On experimental design in communication

On multi-sensory

Visual arts, Music and Architecture

Artistc research a.o.i. - lasting memories (Natural science/Biology and Art, Art in Natural science/Biology)