The project begun 7/2015

Sketches for the first article
Research platforms/Research Catalogue

Additional education:
University pedagogy, Orator education, NewStartUp-education

Seeking of the reference group, connections to Britain

Text in English: Research Catalogue
& JAR/Ruukku-text

Faces and the story for the project

Uniarts co-operation e.g. open research data, Kino-project, planning of the doctoral studies in the University of Arts Helsinki

 Finance acquiring

KuvA’s research days

First orders from the chosen artist, co-operation between artist and customer starts

Participating to affairs of the doctoral studies department

Working as supervisor for doctoral students

Seminars, workshops, conferences, symposiums

Contacts: Immaterial licences, publicist, economists…  

Formal inspection of the need for the project

Forming a research forum for the project

Joint articles

General models for mass production

New versions of the coffin, scaling, versions for the animals and funeral urn

2nd article and joint articles published

Editing the “Ruukku”-journal

Informing /internet visibility

Additional finance for the project

A research group is established

Establishing carpenter workshops to migration areas

General workshops around the theme

Publishing the results of the project

Acts for secure continuation of finance, research and the project is continuing...

Workshop article and 3rd article finished. Theme: how the project has managed to integrate practise and theory?

The research group’s work is continuing

The project is financed 75% of its own and artists has employed successfully  

Cultivation project in developing countries

Carpenter workshops in developing countries