Invited Speaker at 'Deathscapes of the Future' workshop, UWE Bristol, UK, 7th July, 2016

Extract from the program paper:

Keynotes: Professor Carola Wingren, SLU, Sweden 


This event brought together academics from death studies, planning, geography, landscape and other related subjects to discuss the spatial implications and desired outcomes from ongoing and interrelated dynamic changes affecting contemporary society. We shared experiences from across the European context, and also reflecting on how the spaces and practices of deathscapes simultaneously hold both global diversity and local particularity, including issues of gender, ethnicity and the politics of provision.  


We focused on two overarching and interrelated themes: 

1. Notions of postsecular cities, and the attendant flows of people, including within Europe and from the (post)colonial global South to Europe, and the impact of this on changing practices of bodily disposal and memorialisation. 

2. The planning and management of new cemeteries/crematoria and other sites of bodily disposal and remembrance in the increasingly pressing context of climate change and environmental challenges which stem from this.  From these themes, we invite paper which address (but are not limited to) the following questions: 

a. How are deathscapes changing in a time of increased global mobility, and in what ways should they respond to international migration? 

b. In what ways can cemetery/crematoria design respond to the challenges of climate change to help provide for sustainable environments? 

c. What role can cemeteries/wider deathscapes play in developing and maintaining sustainable and cohesive communities? 

d. What are the key challenges for the future planning of cemetery/crematoria space? Both across Europe and in specific local contexts?  


Avril Maddrell  

Department of Geography and Environmental Management,

UWE, University of the West of England