Ongoing Experiment is a listening experience that sketches an alternative mode of being together through the act of listening. It experiments with the friction of what is present and what is absent, what is now and what is past, what is close and what is distant, what is felt and what is imagined. Ongoing Experiment explores togetherness and proximity to space and time through custom built headsets that allow a simultaneous streaming of external audio sources (spoken instructions, field recordings of different environments) and an enhanced listening of the actual acoustic surroundings. Ongoing Experiment is ongoing, but so far produced three main points of cristallization:


1. Ongoing Experiment was first proposed by Daniele Pozzi in the framework of Simultaneous Arrivals - (simularr) artistic research residency in Hotel Pupik, Scheifling, Austria in April 2023 where both Pozzi and Ruth participated. simularr researches novel forms of collaborative practices. In this context the Ongoing Experiment was developed to explore alternative modes of co-presence through deferred shared listening. This page collects traces of its development.


2. Sites is a sound installation for four loudspeakers and four headphones. It is a fixed media transposition of the Ongoing Experiment, as it unfolded in Hotel Pupik. Sites was presented at Sonify 2023, Festival of Music and Artistic Research, Graz.

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