Juanma González


Projects undertaken

at Björkö Konstnod


I am a Spanish artist based in Alby (Botkyrka, Sweden), with a decade of experience in developing walking projects and exhibiting my artwork in countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Estonia, and the US. I studied old photographic techniques at Universidad Europea, Madrid, in 1999 and later earned a Degree in Fine Arts from Complutense University, Madrid, in 2014. My education continued with an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art (KKH), Stockholm, in 2016, followed by postgraduate courses such as Research_LAB at KKH (2017), "Sites and Situations" at Konstfack (2018), “Site and Participant” at Dramatiska Högskolan (2020), and "The Photographic Artist’s Book: Performing Sustainability" at KKH (2022).

In addition to my artistic practice, I use walking as a teaching tool and have coordinated and led workshops for KKH students and professors, including a workshop-trip to Madrid in 2019 and a day workshop inspired by the Swedish "studiecirkel" model in 2020.

I am currently pursuing a PhD at Complutense University in Madrid, where I study and use pilgrimage as a contemporary phenomenon and participatory framework. Recently, I participated in two Land Art exhibitions in Karlstad, Sweden, and Dikemark, Norway, where I created site-specific labyrinth installations. My recent exhibitions and projects include 'Crosswalking in LA' at Durden and Ray (2023, USA), 'Camiños Creativos' at Museo Gaiás (2022, Spain), and 'Landscapes of Other Places' at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm (2022). Additionally, I am a co-founder of the artist-run collective Flat Octopus in Stockholm.

For me, art is a reflection of the world in which we live. A work of art represents the engagement between a specific space and a particular experience. I have discovered that walking is the best way to interact with one’s surroundings and facilitate extraordinary experiences for the audience. Through the act of walking, my mind, spirit, and body connect, allowing me to feel fully present. In this way, I use walking as a device for art production. Therefore, I do it in two ways: when I walk with people and when I walk alone.

Primarily, I facilitate walks where participants can approach their everyday environment from a different perspective and imagine new possibilities. By encouraging participants to engage with their surroundings in a contemplative and meaningful way, a spontaneous community forms, united by the collective experience of exploration and discovery.

When walking alone, it becomes both a source of inspiration and a channel for art production. This process enables me to immerse myself in the environment, capturing the subtleties of light, sound, and texture that might otherwise go unnoticed. In my studio, I analyze my experiences, translating ephemeral moments into tangible forms. The resulting artworks are not only a testament to the journey itself but also a trace of my way of understanding the world.

Död ved ger nytt liv

Date: 1-28 February, 2023

Program: Studio AiR BKN


Date: 15-20 November, 2023

Program: WaP23


Hugget i Sten

Date: 21 May, 2024

Program: WaP24


Caring Stone Carrying