To move through Björkö’s almost surreal land and sea scapes I mainly chose walking.

In addition I used the bike the canoe etc. to get around but to fully acknowledge what is happening and to understand part of the organism I was breathing in, walking was the ultimate tool.

By choosing to be slow you are also choosing the path of awareness.


Feeling the branches and leaves on your body.

Feeling the breeze of wind coming from the sea.

Feeling the steadily changing soil under your feet.

Feeling one with the life surrounding you.


Walking as an artform was eventually introduced to me at BKN.

But walking being art, I have always acknowledged. 

Thank you WAP24. 



Only two steps out of the door Nature captured my near total artistic attention.

Maritime nature is beautiful.

Maritime nature in spring is hard to comprehend.

The sheer vastness of the blooming, sprouting, and awakening was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.

A sign of hope in our socially dire times.

Small waves splashing on the same shores for a time longer than we could ever imagine.

Sketching those awakening landscapes was my main practice while at BKN.



I had my own dedicated space and here I found the time and stillness to reflect on what I encountered in and outside of my head. After long days full of new expressions, the experienced and the ongoing thoughts are entangled in the form of a memory that needs to be captured to unfold its full potential.

At Björkö Konstnod (BKN) I found myself doing just that. 

I was at BKN.(and it will stay with me for some)

This site is a representation of the work I committed to while working at Björkö Konstnod (BKN) residency.

Not only was I making good use of the dedicated time and studio space by trying, mediums I had not worked with before, but I also completed the research-based sketches and pictures I took while having my daily trips to the shores, rocks and trails of my near surroundings.

I will try to give some insight into my approach of documenting this vast natural scape and the upcoming questions and realizations I had, while being a part of the organism that we called the "House". (residency building and its inhabitants)