Walking Together as a Circle, June 6, 2024, Led by John Schuerman

Walking Together as a Circle, a walk for unity at Björkö Konstnod artist residency.

Our group included local residents (Sweden), and artists from Lithuania, China, Russia, Germany, Sweden, and the US. Just prior to the walk I read the quote below from Alice Walker.  Special Thanks to Jonas Daniel Evicius for translating into Lituanian.

Alice Walker Quotation (P. 43, sent by earth)

Cited at the start of the Circle Walk


May we be connected to each other,

May we know the range and depth of feelings

in ourselves and in each other

There is vulnerability, fear, love, rage, hatred,

compassion, courage, despair, and


in ourselves, each other, and the world.

May we know our most authentic feelings

And voice them when we speak,

May we tap into soul and spirit when we are

silent together

May healing begin in us.

May we form and become a circle.