Footnote 41: MIRROR WALK


Vision reflected in Grandpa's shaving mirror held at arms length. A playfully 1 hour across familiar territory; my home to my office.


Months of thinking prior; I need 'performative confidence' or the ability to answer "that's weird - are you weird?" with a "no,... this is a legitimate experiment" to enable.


I'm not really sure why I'm doing this. I think something will happen. For a while I've been interested in the idea of circular reflections; what is 180˚ behind that which is centrally in front, yet obscured. A circle cut in the future showing the past, perhaps. 


Below/Right: Stills I particularly think are interesting from 1202 taken.


The ‘Rules’; Keep walking. Shoot a frame at least every 30 seconds. Take the familiar route. Have fun with it. Don’t force any preconceptions onto the experiment - treat it as a new thing. Review the images and process after, critically.


I have thoughts of being new to this city and dislocated from home. I never considered this in this experiment previous to actioning. I am here, but I am not - there is a gap. I try to force myself into the city but it is just an image of me. This is a bigger post-realisation than I expected, I had thought that this experiment would simply challenge my previous perception of the urban.


It’s probable that the aesthetic describes this feeling better that the verbal. I leave the images to discuss;

45 second animation of 1202 snapshots. (Click to play).

I feel ridiculous. I wear hiking clothes that on reflection might be to make me look like a tourist off a cruise ship. I decide on headphones and Pink Floyd to help me out. I leave my apartment’s front door immediately into the hip cafe culture and can’t possibly start in front of such irritatingly subjective eyes (a lengthy pack of anxious post-hipster fashionistas - some days I hate these people, they feel nasty) - I miss a block and instantly decide to take the back route to Slussen, there’s no way I can cope with Gotgatan. And then I get into a flow. A convoy of tourists on Segways rolls alongside and I feel that the biggest idiot on the block is now in silver medal position; it helps out. This begins to be fun. I review images from time to time to see the focus and the dynamic positioning of the visual components. Nicely, to frame myself central in the reflection all I have to do is make sure I am seeing the camera as a reflection - a relationship. I realise this is just a selfie stick. When people look at me I imagine what they think of me but I move fast and with purpose; doing this static would be quite different. To others, I feel I am; creative, a pioneer, an idiot, simple, intriguing, independent, pointless, a drain on society, to old for this, odd.