This is a demonstration of how to upload an audio track on the RC, resulting in a player like this:

After you upload an audio track, the page will at first show the text:

Transcoding job for media file "..." not started yet. Please wait.

This means the RC is converting it to make loading the page faster. If it is a large file, it may take a couple of minutes.


To upload audio, drag an audio tool onto the RC canvas, and choose an audio file from you harddisk.


click on this image to see a demo

You can change the width of the audio tool, by resizing the green borders. The height of the playbar is fixed, so making the tool taller will not have any effect.

Use the preview button to see the result.


For more info on the audio player, please refer to the extended guide:

> extended guide, audio tool


TIP: If you want to import a CD track, you will first have to "rip" it as a wav or mp3.  Browsers do not allow you to open an audio track from CD. You can do this with either iTunes or Windows Media Player.