1 An encounter.

1a To remind; to offer.


2b Across from—

2a Alongside—

2 Sitting.

3b Sitting across in time.

3a Sitting alongside in time.

3c To saunter.



156.25 + 157.25 Hz


(T4 – T5)

Sitting alongside in time.

I am really interested in the time love endures. Let’s be more precise: by “endure” one should not simply understand that love lasts, that love is forever or always. One has to understand that love invents a different way of lasting in life. That everyone’s existence, when tested by love, confronts a new way of experiencing time.



Alain Badiou, and Nicolas Truong, In Praise of Love, Trans. Peter Bush (London: Serpent’s Tail, 2012) 33.