1 An encounter.

1a To remind; to offer.


2b Across from—

2a Alongside—

2 Sitting.

3b Sitting across in time.

3a Sitting alongside in time.

3c To saunter.



156.25 + 159.25 Hz


(T3 – 50:00)

To saunter.

Perform with other(s):

1     Sustain one pitch comfortably, very quietly.

  • Begin on cue.
  • Cut-off on cue.

2     Recall one word from this past hour.

  • On cue, sing respective words over a new pitch,
  • Cut-off on cue.

3     Think of a new word.

  • On cue, sing respective words over same pitch or initial pitch.
  • Cut-off on cue.

Repeat 1-3 however many times needed.