On intimacy,

for voice and accompaniment


How do we share time together? What happens in that time? Where is that time and how is that place created, then bounded and possibly loved together? 

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This research takes on some form, like Large Quasar Groups, in which speaking about scale and scope cannot be embodied through our geometric intuitions for small and large;

such forms breach our human limitations, though they grant peace through reminder: that cambered wonder toward the liminal, we are the very origins of these forms;

there is

the reprise;

                                                                  "What else is there?"

                                          with the interrogative, 

              that is named

a form 

Although I accept strongly that there exists a general human condition in which we are subject to protecting our own lives and speaking for our actions, faith holds that such a condition cannot pervade each and every realm and scale of living. Moreover, in many situations such a prioritization of one’s defense only denies an awareness better focused towards understanding our capacity to love.

This is dedicated to those who have tested that capacity within them, between us. 

I owe gratitude to author Marilynne Robinson and her novel Gilead, in which this truth is so eloquently stated by its narrator, John Ames.


Prologue, Musical contents.








1          1000 Hz


            She rose.




1a        1000 + 1002 Hz


            resounding lobes




2a        1125 + 1127 Hz


            we sat,




3b        1250 + 1254 Hz


            bourns, collapsing




3          1250 Hz


            Crepuscular trellis




c           16003 Hz

             her lambency. Her wings