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Moving through the Garden of Senses ...


... is a musical salon;
an experience of longing
for that-which-has-not-yet-been-spoken;
a walk through the Garden of Senses.

A theorbo and a voice
are moving through a musical landscape.
Their sound is an entanglement
of poetry, words and ornaments.

This walk comes with one specific purpose:
to perform a certain something;
to enact je-ne-sais-quoi,
nurtured by French Baroque composers
such as Michel Lambert, Sebastien Le Camus and Robert de Visée ...

... towards that-which-we-don't-know-anything-about ...

… en Vandring Genom Sinnenas Trädgård …

... är en musikalisk salong;

en barock salong i nutidsmiljö;

en helhetupplevelse med avstamp i det längtansfyllda men ännu-icke-uttalde;

en vandring rakt genom Sinnenas Trädgård.

En teorb och en röst rör sig genom det musikaliska rummet. Deras klanger formar ett poetiskt lugnt paradoxalt virrvarr av ord och toner.  


Salongen har en särskild uppgift:

att förmedla det-vi-ännu-inte-vet-något-om,

men det som lockar oss vidare in i våra egna sinnen.  

Under vandringen möter vi kompositörerna

Michel Lambert, Sebastien Le Camus, och Robert de Visée ...



… emot Det-Vi-Inte-Ännu-Inte-Vet …



Two good friends, Eugene and Ariste,

 searching for I-don’t -know-what.

Their spoken thoughts moved intimately

- entangling their hearts and souls,


Their dialogue enfold the world,

Their voices are like Vines

Twisted into one continuous line of thoughts.

Such pleasure, such charm,

such air reminds one of the light that embellishes all nature,


”L’esprit humain qui connoist ce

qu’il y a de plus spirituel dans les Anges,

et de plus divin en Dieu,  pour parler ainsi,

ne connoist pas ce qu’il y a de charmant

dans un objet sensible qui touche le coeur.


Selected citations from Bouhours, D (1671)

Les Entretiens d’Ariste et d’Eugene. Le Je Ne Say Quoy, p. 236-242


(Robert de Visée ca 1655-1733)


Rochers vous etes sourds

- Plainte d’Ariane

(Michel Lambert c.1610-1696)



(Robert de Visée )


La Plainte, ou Tombeau de mademoiselles de Visée

(Robert de Visée )


Ombre de mon amant

(Michel Lambert)




Amour, Cruel Amour

(Sebastien Le Camus c.1610-1677)


Laissez durer la nuit 

(Sebastien Le Camus )


La Conversation, Allemande

(Robert de Visée)


           Si l’amour vous soumet        

(Michel Lambert)

(50 min without intermission/50 min utan paus)

Elisabeth Belgrano Voice

Sven Åberg Theorbo

Björn Ross Scenography

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Performance supported by:

Nordic Network for Vocal Performance Research

Nordic Network for Early Opera