Moving through the Garden of Senses / En Vandring i Sinnenas Trädgård (last edited: 2017)

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

About this exposition

Walking Through the Garden of Senses... ... is a musical salon; an experience of longing for that-which-has-not-yet-been-spoken; a walk through the Garden of Senses. A theorbo and a voice are moving through a musical landscape. Their sound is an entanglement of poetry, words and ornaments. This walk comes with one specific purpose: to perform a certain something; to enact je-ne-sais-quoi, nurtured by French Baroque composers such as Michel Lambert, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Honoré d’Ambruis, Sebastien Le Camus. ... towards that-which-we- don't-know-anything-about ... Elisabeth Belgrano Voice Sven Åberg Theorbo Björn Ross Scenography
typeresearch exposition
keywordsI don't know what, french baroque, airs serieux, ornamentation, je ne say quoy, Lambert Michel, Le Camus Sebastien, Bouhours Dominique
last modified31/10/2017
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationNordic Network for Early Opera, Copenhagen / Koncertkirken
licenseAll rights reserved
external linkhttp://www.earlyopera.org

Simple Media

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399230 Si L'amour Vous Soumet A Ses loix-Michael Lambert 1 EB2017 All rights reserved
399236 Deux_amis EB2017 All rights reserved
399237 Deux_cygnes EB2017 All rights reserved
399238 Carte_du_tendre EB2017 All rights reserved
399239 emblem EB2017 All rights reserved
399240 Rosor EB2017 All rights reserved
399241 Les_entretiens_d'Ariste_et_d'Eugène_[...]Bouhours_Dominique_bpt6k6294306x EB2017 All rights reserved

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