Sara Elisabeth Holmertz

The Otherness of Self

Artistic Results

The Otherness of the Self

 -  how to curate a 17th-century Opera and sing all the Roles yourself

Orfeo Son Io

Secular Psalms - Eivind Buene


"Die Alte" - Carola Baukholt.


"Emil" - Carola Bauckholt.


Commissioned and performed by Vollen United:

Elisabeth Holmertz - vocal; Kenneth Karlsson - piano/Indian harmonium; Inga Grytås Byrkjeland - cello; Fredrik Bock - lute

Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo 18/9-2019 (WP Ultima festival)

Concert performance 24/10-2019 Norwegian Academy of Music

Elisabeth Holmertz, vocal.Kenneth Karlsson, piano.

Recorded in Sofienberg kirke, Oslo February+September 2018.

LAWOclassics. (to be released in 2020, delayed du to Covid-19) Links to music on commend.

Photo: Anna-Julia Granberg (Blunderbuss)

"...though what made it has gone" - Rolf Wallin.

"Got Lost" - Helmut Lachenmann.


Short extract from Lamento della Ninfa.

 "Oriental winds of the baroque", recorded in Sofienberg kirke, March 2018.

Elisabeth Holmertz - vocal; Rolf-Erik Nystrøm- saxophones; Kouame Sereba - vocals and percussion; Nils Økland - violins; Jesús Fernández Baena - Lute


Oriental Winds of the Baroque

Lamento della Ninfa - Claudio Monteverdi.

Ensemble Odd Size - Messiah for 4 - G.F Händel

How beautiful are the feet

Why do the nations so furiously rage together

From the album "Messiah for 4", Ensemble Odd Size. Recorded at Epidemin, Gothenburg, April 2017.

Elisabeth Holmertz - vocal; Per Buhre - baroque violin; Ingrid Andersson - baroque cello; Fredrik Bock - lute

Part two

act 3

act 4

act 5

Part one


Act 1

Act 2

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