Agios Sozomenos, Cyprus - The place of barley

In collaboration with the Department of Architecture at the University of Nicosia, CCFT initiated a series of creative interventions and events within the ruined village of Agios Sozomenos and specific sites in Nicosia. Given the historic significance of the area, and the village’s more recent complex history, leading to its abandonment, along with its proximity to the UN Demilitarised Buffer Zone, it provided powerful and poignant conditions for the inquiry into CCFTs research questions. This was undertaken April 2018.

Telavåg, Norway - A sense of self

ND Telavåg is formulated through collaboration with the University of Bergen, Faculty of Art Music and Design.

Through the vantige piont of Telvågs layered history ND Telavåg will question the relation between memory, place, and the contructed self.

Nuuk, Greenland – High Arctic Latitudes

Nomadic Dialogues - Nuuk was copmpleted as a 5 day field work in October 2018 with the goal of establishing new working networks in Nuuk. Collaboration and intent of further development was established with Nuuk art Museum and Greenland National Museum to futher expand on planed Nomadic dialogues in 2019.