"Text an Menschen"

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  • Frottage
  • Gips
  • Silikon
  • Metall, Tiefdruck
  • Papierbänder
  • Aquafix
  • Raspi
  • USB Scanner
  • Photo / Video
  • Porzellan / Ton
  • Zylinder "Schnitt" (ist das invasiver oder nicht?)
  • Abformmasse
  • Patamold

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Techniques and Materials

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  • in transparentem Ball, als Schiffchen
  • Geigerzähler
  • Metalldetektor
  • PH Teststreifen

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"within their abstract machines, Deleuze and Guattari distinguish different types of breaks, related to the tripartite production: A cut of extraction, diversion or sampling (prélèvement) [4], a cut of detachment that denotes the transition to the recording surface, and a residual cut to produce a subject." (HHR, Halting Operations... 2017)

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artwork: Meanderings

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