1. Abstract


Which are the most important sources of inspiration in the piece Nigths in the Spanish Gardens and how all of them affect the perfomance of the soloist and the orchestra?


Manuel de Falla's piece Nights in the Spanish Gardens has become popular during the last

twenty years. Several of the greatest performers have recorded it achieving impressive results. However, the piece presents key aspects from the Spanish folklore and French impressionism that, usually, are not taken into account.

Searching information for my research, I discovered that the most important sources of inspiration come from cante jondo (a Spanish primitive chant), the Spanish guitar and the music of Claude Debussy. Each topic will be deeply studied in separated chapters except for Claude Debussy´s one that, due to the broadness of the material, will be split in two. 

Thus, in each chapter several examples will be studied in order to prove the relationship between every topic and Nights in the Spanish Gardens. All the examples will aim to show the repercussions in the performance of the piece.

Taking into account the friendship between Manuel de Falla and Arthur Rubinstein as well as the rigorousness of his playing, Rubinstein performance has been choosen in all the examples of the piece.