6. Conclusions


The current research raised the subsequent question in first instance: “Which are the most important sources of inspiration in the piece Nights in the Spanish Gardens and how all of them affect the performance of the soloist and the orchestra? Certainly, the answer is not definitive at all; nonetheless, some conclusions have been drawn throughout this study.


The analysis of the Spanish folklore, that is, Cante Jondo, the Spanish guitar and Manuel de Falla’s pieces was one of the major methodological tools applied in the first two chapters. Part of the information presented has been obtained from Manuel de Falla’s and Felipe Pedrel’s writings. Thus, which is evident is that the entire material about Spanish music may be used to enhance the performance of Nights in the Spanish Gardens.


The second section, which focuses on Claude Debussy’s music, begins with a research from a historical and aesthetic point of view. Therefore, a profound analysis of a variety of Debussy’s pieces has been conducted, having exceedingly considered the term "impressionism"; and its implications.


As a result, a number of practical conclusions may be highlight.On the first hand, Nights in the Spanish Gardens passages inspired on Spanish folklore recreate a concrete sonority that must be well known by the performer. The interpreter should also be aware of all the music conventionalisms, adding some flamenco or cante jondo’s musical features such as the violence of some attacks, the micro intervallic inspiration, the rhythmic content or the emulation of guitar playing.


On the second hand, Debussy´s indications might be helpful for the performer in order to understand the concrete essence of certain passages of the piece. Lastly, the soloist’s role must be reconsidered after studying Debussy´s indications and writing. The pianist might also play as another member of the orchestra, enriching the global sonority of the  piece.


Unquestionably, all of this must be applied carefully, with a solid understanding that the piece contains a stylization of several inspirational sources and not just a direct influence. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the exposed above may simply enrich and improve the performance of this gorgeous piece.